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7 Top Strategies To Build And Expand Your Network In 2022

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1. Join an entrepreneurs’ community.

One top strategy to build and expand your network is to join an entrepreneurs’ community like Eliances. Since I joined, I have met many like-minded entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and industries. Being part of an Eliances’ eBrain Trust, a mastermind group, has broadened my worldview. Take an active role by volunteering as an Eliances Ambassador has helped me build and expand my network.

2. Find speaking opportunities at the events.

Find speaking opportunities at the events that your referral partners and your ideal clients attend. This will help you not only expand your network but you can meet new referral partners and realize new opportunities that you might not have thought about before. If you have a speaking opportunity at the event, choose a topic that benefits the audience.

3. Understand what you want, who you want and what you want them for.

Before diving into this, ask yourself: Are you building and expanding for the present? Or are you looking to build and expand a foundation to support building your network for the long term? Some basics you can use (regardless of your answer): Understand what you want, who you want and what you want them for prior to going into any engagement. Know where your potential prospects and/strategic partners play. Start with your “high level” contacts, those that you connect with, that you might put on a pedestal, that have their hands in the market you want to expand. These are most likely not your bestie. Have a chat with them, asking them where they spend their time, and if you could join sometime. Make a goal of how many NEW people you want to meet at an event and do not visit with your friends till you have accomplished said goal. Really when looking to expand you want to place yourself out of your comfort zone, go to new places, meet new people, experience new experiences.

4. Build relationships with real humans.

Human. Connection. That’s right, networking is all about relationships with real humans. And if you’re in need of *more* humans to have a relationship WITH... Try these:

  • Create a podcast and invite guests on the show who can connect you with others.

  • Jump onto *other* peoples’ podcasts.

  • Reach out to mastermind groups and offer to give a signature presentation.

  • Host a *free* monthly event and showcase a key part of your offer.

  • Write an article/blog post for an online publication.

These (fun!) and valuable interactions have helped 3x business revenue for my organization over the past 9 months. Because you and I both know that at the end of the day, every business is a relationship business and your network really is your net worth. Work it!

– Hanna Hermanson, CEO, Done for You Copywriting

5. Show up live on social media.

Host webinars on Social networks such as LinkedIn. Showing up live on social media is a key step for getting attention and engagement from potential clients and partners. The consumers of your content will appreciate that you are putting in the effort to show up live and develop meaningful content and conversation rather than publish general announcements. By doing this, you expand your reach online, build trust and potentially start conversations with professionals you otherwise would not have known.

6. Focus on building relationships and supporting others as well.

Prepare your elevator pitch, a powerful high-level summary of your background, strengths, and goals, which you can use to introduce yourself. It should be a minute or less focused, concise, and practiced speech. Keep track of what you and your contact spoke about and ensure to follow up appropriately. Think creatively about who to network with and network outside of your current contacts attend networking events, join and participate in online groups, and volunteer/consult. Focus on building relationships and supporting others as well. The best relationships are mutually beneficial, and it is easier to ask someone for a favor if they owe you one. If you are not sure what you can offer, you can help your contact with a professional social media networking recommendation or endorsement, an invitation to a networking event, an interesting article, or an offer to introduce them to someone.

7. Attend networking meetings in your local area and around the world.

Network, Network, Network! Attend networking meetings in your local area and around the world. This is a great way to meet new people and potentially build referral relationships. Great places to network are BNI, Rotary, Women of the World Network, and other local and international business focused group. When you choose to network, network from a place of giving instead of receiving and this will set you apart. Now get out there and share about your business!

– Arliss Dudley-Cash MA, MBA, Business Coach and Consultant



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