7 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do To Love Themselves More — #4 Will Blow Your Mind!

Written by: Oana Mindrut, Executive Contributor

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1. Disidentify with money.

Say what? Yes, what I'm talking about is complete detachment from money.

If you think money is freedom, you are doing it. When you tell yourself money is possibilities or safe, you are trapped.

It is the trap of the ego. You are giving money the power over how you feel.

What about substituting the word money with I?

  • I am free.

  • I am possible.

  • I am safe.

Until we understand this, we live under the illusion that only the presence of money can bring those things.

No, no, are those things, and you are the only one who can give you those feelings.

You can have 10.000.000 $ and still not feel safe.

So you understand that it's not the money that makes you feel safe. It's you who gives the power to money to do it that makes it seem like that.

My question is, "Can you be broke and feel safe?"

If you reached that level, then you mastered life on Earth. You are above identification, and you know you are the only one generating feelings for yourself.

2. Admit you do have enough.

If you think you don't, you never will.

Lack is the ego's language and you feel that you automatically are not appreciating what you have.

You might say, so I should be happy with what I earn and never grow?

No. What I'm saying is that no matter how much you have, if you don't feel a sense of abundance and bliss about your current state, then this torment of feeling you don't have enough will never end.

And as you know, that feeling is lack. And lack creates more lack.

3. Have a daily ritual to energize yourself.

Is yoga or meditation too spiritual?

Then try cold showers and HIIT trainings when you wake up.

It doesn't matter what it is, but having the first 30 minutes of the day dedicated exclusively to you ensures that your day will be fire!

I don't know about you, but when my energy is super high, I execute all my tasks effortlessly, and things just work!

The calls I do turn up well. I get clients. I get asked to do collaborations out of nowhere and so on...

This is super powerful, a must for every entrepreneur.

4. Stop being "professional."

This is a tough one.

I have to say it, not many entrepreneurs let their true selves out and feel 100% free to be themselves.

And with all this perfectionism and pompous professionalism in our business industry, we feel that we have to be like everybody else.

I see people who try to impress people with big words just to sell.

I see desperate entrepreneurs trying to make a good impression by pretending to be someone else, someone more intellectual, more elegant, more sophisticated.

Attention, I am not against dressing well and brilliant communication skills.

I think that owning who you are and feeling good in your own skin goes far beyond looking good and perfect and using dictionary words to speak.

We all have our unique personalities. Let's not get our perception of what is wanted from us to dictate how we are in the world.

Being free to be yourself is key.

5. ONLY do work you love.

Tell me, where is the joy in doing something just for the money?

It is a prison we create ourselves.

We do certain things because it is more profitable, but what about the time we spend doing it that will never get back?

What is money really worth if we make it in a way that is detrimental to our soul?

My opinion is that only if you truly love what you do you can do anything required to succeed, and this with the greatest eagerness to wake up and take the next steps towards expansion.

I am also talking about your modus operandi in the business structure.

If there is something you don't like, change it, find something else that works equally well.

Don't be a victim of the circumstances. Infuse your company and everything you do with the energy of love.

People feel it all the time. Human hearts detect human hearts feeling love.

And when we feel love, we want to be close to those people and buy and share their love as well.

Love attracts love. Turn everything you touch into love, and it will get back to you in the form of money, happy customers, opportunities, and a lot of ease.

6. Have a clear mind.

Confusion, stress, and not knowing your direction are killers of your business.

How do I know? Because I had a good portion of my entrepreneurship journey delayed by procrastination and a feeling of being lost because I didn't know my destination.

Focusing on what you want in your business is everything!

If you happen to be unclear, your only task is not to get clients or do a live video, etc. It's to get clear again!

That crystallized goal will drive all your actions for your own well-being.

7. Master heart-brain coherence.

If this concept is new to you, no worries. It's very simple. It's the harmonious connection between the heart and the brain.

When you are in coherence, you operate from your heart, your intuition, and your mind is silent. In less words, you get fully present here and now.

The past doesn't bother you, and the future is exciting.

You not only activate a sense of love into your body but also feel it for others.

This is extremely beneficial in relationships.

Are you stressed when you do a sales call? Get back to your heart center and feel that precious feeling inside.

Your prospect on the other side of Zoom will feel what you feel.

Sales become very easy when you can be that safe space for others. You are a unique diamond that shines bright when the majority around you emit fear and judgment.

You become very attractive to everybody you encounter.

A lighthouse of love that makes everybody feel special and loved.

And everybody wants to be around you and know you.

In conclusion, I truly believe that a profound connection to yourself is the path to blissful happiness in business and personal life.

I created a very exclusive Facebook group where I host free self-love masterclasses based on people's needs and situations.

To shift your life to unconditional love means to unlock a reality full of bright, bright colors, where all your dreams come true.

If you are ready for wholeness, I am too. Join us here.

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and visit my website for more info!

With all my love.

Oana Mindrut

Oana Mindrut, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Oana Mindrut is an international self-love coach.

She is the author of a successful blog and has helped countless women around the world turn negativity, unworthiness and lack of confidence into lasting wholeness and love for self and life.

She is convinced that self-love is the secret ingredient to harmony in all areas of life.

Oana is an advocate for sincere self-awareness and a firm believer in humans being the ultimate creators of their own desired reality.

She works with multiple techniques to shift emotions and heal past traumatic events but also current problematic situations.

She also teaches powerful ways to accelerate the materialization process from thought to physical form as described in quantum physics.

She is the scriptwriter and producer of the "From here, to a blissful life " self-love series on the alternative media platform and her greatest purpose is to awaken unconditional love in every woman and co-create a new era filled with joy and wonderful manifestations.



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