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7 Lessons from 7-Figure Introverts

Written by: Emma-Louise Parkes, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


In the latter part of last year, I accidentally carried out some interesting research.

While batch recording episodes of my podcast, The Ambitious Introvert, I realized that I’d spent over 30 hours interviewing some incredibly successful introverted entrepreneurs in just a few short months.

In honor of World Introvert Day, I’m sharing the common traits I’ve seen in these guests, which have helped them create everything from multi-seven figure businesses to 100k+ audiences (with plenty of ‘me-time’ sprinkled in).

1. They trust their intuition.

As an introvert, you process information internally. Call it gut instinct, divine intervention, or that nagging feeling that won’t go away, and it’s vital to lean in & trust your inner guidance. One guest closed down a multi 7-figure business because it didn’t ‘feel’ right. Another ended her most profitable online course & passive income stream as it no longer aligned with her vision. In both cases, their decisions turned out to be absolutely right, leading to further success - even if there was seemingly no ‘logic’ behind them at the time.

2. They play to their strengths.

Introverts often get drained easily, & I noticed that these guests are not willing to waste precious energy & time on anything outside of their Zone of Genius. They focus on what they love & what they’re good at & ignore or outsource the rest.

3. They’re intentional.

Whether it’s only working during school hours, hitting 7 figures in revenue, or the type of client they choose to work with - none of this is left to chance by these ambitious introverts, who get crystal clear on what’s important, then build their businesses around that. They don’t compromise on their priorities & values.

4. They do uncomfortable things.

When you’re new to entrepreneurship, those ‘firsts’ can feel scary - first investment, first sales call, first Facebook Live. Certainly, most of my own clients feel this way in the early days. Guess what? These super successful introverts felt exactly the same! But they all agree that the first step is the hardest & that with consistency, what feels like a huge challenge soon becomes your new normal. Speaking of consistency...

5. They’re consistent.

Relying on your energy as an introvert means you sometimes won’t ‘feel’ like doing certain things. But successful businesses need solid foundations & systems, & these introverts all use schedules & automation to make sure important tasks get done regularly, regardless of how energized they feel.

6. They love to learn.

So far, I’ve interviewed 2 PhDs & numerous master's degree holders - most guests, also have professional qualifications over & above what’s required for their roles. Almost all are avid readers. Introverts are natural-born researchers & love taking in information, which has given these guests a great business advantage.

7. They value support.

Yes, they need their all-important alone time, but not when it comes to business or personal growth. Every single guest I interviewed invests in coaches, mentors & team members to support them, whatever stage of their journey they’re at. However, they choose who they surround themselves with very carefully, knowing easily they’re affected by other people’s energy, both positively & negatively. It can sometimes feel like entrepreneurs need to be extroverts to succeed, but the time I’ve spent recording these interviews shows that introverts are perfectly placed for business success - especially when they embrace their introvert superpowers. Whether you’re an introvert or not, ask yourself - which of the above could your business benefit from you doing more of right now?

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Emma-Louise Parkes, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Emma-Louise is a Business & Mindset Coach for ambitious introverts, empaths & HSPs, & host of The Ambitious Introvert Podcast. She works with new & established entrepreneurs to help them start, grow & scale successful, sustainable online businesses.

During her 10+ years experience, she has personally coached over 100 individuals globally in a diverse range of sectors. She is a strategic life coach, trained facilitator, NLP master practitioner & holds accreditations in EFT/TFT & the Law of Attraction.

After spending 17 years as an air traffic controller, Emma-Louise understands how important decision making, confidence & mindset are for success. Her focus on clarity, consistency & habits allowed her to build a 7 figure net worth in her 30’s - she now uses this knowledge to help her clients create solid foundations to support the massive levels of success they get from untapping their potential.



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