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6 Tips For Minding Yourself While Navigating A Spiritual Awakening

Written by: Sarah Keena, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Over the years, there have been many names for this process, including spiritual awakening, rebirth, transformative crisis, dark night of the soul, spiritual emergency, ascension, and hitting rock bottom. It can't be denied that right now, this process of rapid transformation is on the rise across the globe. Although some of the most profound life-changing transformations come from this experience, the process itself can be grueling, painful, and scary.

During the pandemic, many people were forced to slow down and sit with themselves, this offered the perfect breeding conditions for awakening. Without the distraction of a busy lifestyle, for many, their deepest wounds came to the surface to be processed.

Working with hallucinogens and plant medicines can also have a similar effect by allowing access to the subconscious mind and deepening the connection with spirit. When these medicine journeys are not thoroughly integrated, some people are left feeling ungrounded, raw, and vulnerable.

Self Compassion

Learning to be kind to yourself in the midst of struggle is one of the most underutilized tools for personal development; self-compassion offers a solid foundation for the healing journey. Without self-compassion, it is too easy to be drawn into self-deprecation and unhealthy coping tactics. Cultivating gentle self-acceptance creates space to heal and process traumatic experiences without unnecessary guilt, shame and negative judgments.

This means being gentle, caring and kind to yourself, especially when hurting or processing setbacks. Instead of becoming a drill sergeant insisting that working harder is the only way forward, self-compassion embraces slowing down and attuning to your individual needs. Making space to tend to your wounds, reaffirming that no matter what you are going through at any moment, you are still good enough. The healing process continues throughout your whole life (or over many lifetimes) there is no need to rush. The healthiest way forward is going at a pace that feels emotionally safe.

To learn more about self-compassion, check out Kristen Neff.

Connect with your body

For many, especially those socialized as females growing up, feeling disconnected from or even punishing the body is common. For some, the body may even feel like the enemy at times. This is no surprise with all of the messages received about how your body ‘should’ look or behave in order to feel loved and accepted in today’s society. It is time to change this narrative and tap into the beauty and knowledge that is held within your sacred vessel.

The body knows the best path for you, and it can be a guide in how to mind yourself when you learn to listen.

If you have experienced trauma of the body, it may feel uncomfortable to tap into the sensations and signals your body sends you. Aiming to go slowly and seeking support can help soften this.

Building awareness of the nervous system helps you to understand what is happening within and assists in expanding your self-care toolbox. The nervous system reacts based on lived experience, it may feel as if it is not reacting appropriately to some situations, but when you tune into yourself, you will realize that it is trying to protect you from a perceived threat. Nervous system responses are wired throughout childhood and even while developing in the womb.

Learn more about regulating the nervous system regulation here.


You may need more rest, especially if you are feeling lethargic and fatigued. Some may feel that rest is not necessary, especially if they are feeling energized or even manic. Whichever way this is for you is perfectly fine. Everyone experiences these things in their own unique way. Do your best to remember that sleep is a basic human need and should always be prioritized.

Healing and changing take a lot of mental energy, which can be physically draining. Without adequate rest, you may find yourself feeling confused, clumsy, or forgetful as your cognitive energy is being used to process emotions and strengthen new neural pathways.

Track your cycle

If you menstruate, it's a good idea to track your cycle and pay attention to how your energy ebbs and flows throughout each phase. Your physical and emotional energy dips and rises naturally throughout your cycle. Some days require rest and nourishment, while others are best for getting more taxing tasks done.

Denying this fact and disconnecting from your natural energy flow can lead to burnout, painful periods and more intense PMS symptoms.

Planning your monthly activities around your bleed can help deepen your connection with yourself and reduces shame around your body’s natural rhythm. Tracking your cycle with the moon's phases can help to tune into the natural rhythm of nature and to work with the natural energies available to you.

To learn more about menstrual cycle awareness, check out Menstruality Mentor Kitty Maguire.

Time in Nature

Nature heals, studies show that spending time in nature can help calm and soothe the nervous system, boost mood, reduce anxiety and can even help lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels.

Spending as little as fifteen minutes connecting with nature helps to stimulate the parts of the brain associated with love and empathy. If it is difficult for you to regularly spend time in nature, try listening to nature sounds, adding flowers and plants to your home or workspace, or watching nature documentaries.


It is common to feel alone, isolated, or like no one understands you when in the midst of a spiritual awakening. This can feel especially painful when feeling the call to connect to the community but not knowing where to find them.

Finding a space where you feel understood and accepted can help to ease some of this discomfort. Search online for drumming circles or sharing circles in your area, sign up to a spiritual workshop, find a therapist or mentor who understand this process.

Remember you are never alone in this process, even if it feels that way sometimes, your soul tribe is out there waiting for you.

For more information on mental wellness and spiritual development, check out my Instagram and Facebook. And if you are interested in working with me, check out the services I provide on my website.


Sarah Keena, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sarah Keena, is an accredited Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and a Spiritual Mentor. She has studied Reiki at master level as well as Celtic and Native American Shamanism. Sarah is passionate about empowering women by helping them to heal themselves and to develop their spiritual practices. She helps her clients to process and release trauma and emotional wounds which prevent them from stepping into their truest authentic selves and loving themselves in all that they are.



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