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6 Powerful Journal Prompts From Tony Robbins To Stop Procrastination In Your Coaching Business

Written by: Pamella Pritchard, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


I don't know about you, but I hate to-do lists. I can't stick to them if they're longer than 3 bullet points, and while they are filled with urgent, high-priority essential items, the tasks are often monotonous and bring little to no joy. So the real question is, when will you make time for the things that really matter?

Busy-ness isn't good for business

It's easy to create busy-ness in your business and not focus on what will really move the needle. soul clientsWhat if I told you the very thing you have been putting off, that soul desire to do something that will really light you up is the thing you need to stop procrastinating on and start prioritising?

Maybe you want to start an email list so you can really speak to your soul-clients but the tech side keeps getting in your way. Perhaps you have an idea for a program that really excites you but you're secretly procrastinating on actually sharing it because it also feels kinda scary. Maybe you really want to go part time in your 9to5 so it will give you more time and energy freedom in your business and life, but you're totally avoiding putting a meeting in with your boss.

The Twin Powers: Pain vs Pleasure

This is the pain for pleasure paradox. You want something, a lot, and you know it's the right thing to do, but right now, you are avoiding, procrastinating and putting it off. If you're reading this far, then you know there is something you need to address. So right here, right now let's get to work, coach.

This simple Tony Robbins exercise is a fast favourite of mine. He shares everything we do is driven by two things: Pain or Pleasure. He refers to them as the twin powers (it rhymes with Twin Towers and I'm a huge LOTR fan so I was immediately on board! Hit reply and let me know if you're a LOTR fan too!).

He shares the reason we don't do things we think we want, is because right now, the pain of doing it feels greater than the pleasure of staying the same. After all, it's more comfortable in the comfort zone, right?

Let's say for example you've been thinking about hiring me as your coach. You're ready to stop treating your business like a hobby and you want to start making some real money in your biz. But you're worried about making an investment or really, actually telling your partner you are actually going to start taking this seriously...

The fear of claiming your desires and actually putting some money on the line, because it's easier to play small and just post once in a while is stronger than your desire to make it work. You haven't yet realised the willingness to feel that temporary discomfort in making an investment and claiming it to your partner and more importantly to yourself will actually create far greater pleasure for you (both) in the long run.

Tony refers to this avoidance as: 'trying to eliminate pain by solving a problem while nurturing the cause'. This sentence blew my mind. Every time I keep myself small, and stay safe in the avoidance of my own discomfort to put myself out there and go for what I really want, I am also nurturing the cause. Ouch.

Short-term pain vs long-term gain

Another way I like to think about this is long-term vs short-term. Here are some other examples of this.

  • My recent ventures back into the gym and weightlifting have been a true pain for pleasure paradox.

  • My first tattoo ‒ painful as hell, but also, damn, I loved the high afterwards.

  • The first obstacle course race I ran ‒ hard training, lots of mental and physical challenge, but the feeling afterwards of achievement and success? Put it this way, I did 6 mud runs in one year once!

  • Even in business, the fear of starting, daring to leave my corporate career and travel...

Each example had short-term pain and long-term gain. Every single time. Want to know the wild part? The more I lean into this, and find evidence of how leaning into my pain and choosing to focus on the long-term pleasure, the more I do it and... the more I like it.

They say tattoos are addictive right. I'm onto my third. I've ran over 12 mud runs in my time. At the gym it's a few weeks in and I'm nearing my personal best already. I started this business and continue to put myself out there. Over and over again. Serving more people, making more impact and living my dream life along the way.

The pain? A friend in disguise. The pleasure. Even sweeter when I've had to overcome something to earn it. Every pain is just a shadow longing to be seen and brought into the light. An invitation into desire and what you really want for life. Reflect now. When have you seen this already pan out in your life? Take a moment.

You're not here to stay small, to keep doing the same things and getting the same outcomes. You found coaching because you wanted more. Now you know how and you want to help others achieve the same. The world doesn't just need more coaches, it needs you to share your unique story and transformation.

Beat procrastination

It's time to level up and step out. Claim what you want and face the pain-for-pleasure paradox again, on your terms in your business and 9 to 5. Are you ready?

Give yourself 15 minutes max. Answer the simple 6 journaling prompts below.

  1. List 4 actions in your business or 9to5 that you are putting off.

  2. Under each action, write why you haven't been taking action and then, what pain you are linking to taking this action?

  3. Write down all the pleasure you have had in the past by indulging in this pattern for each.

  4. Write down what it will cost you if you don't change now (literal financial impact and personal impact).

  5. Go through each cost and identify how that makes you feel (one word emotion).

  6. Finally, what pleasure will you receive by taking each of these actions?

You've done the hard part. You've taken what you're avoiding and looked it lovingly in the face. What happens next is entirely up to you. Will you take charge and go implement? Or will you do all of this and still choose to stay the same?

You've got this, coach.

Go after it.

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Pamella Pritchard, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Pamella Pritchard, is a certified business mindset and life coach to coaches who are building their soul-led coaching business around their 9to5. Bridging the gap between corporate and purpose-driven entrepreneurship, Pamella helps professionals navigate the transition from employee to CEO in mindset, energetics and strategy. Her signature program THRIVE helps coaches make this transition with simplicity, confidence and clarity, you can schedule a free consult here. Pamella has now left her own corporate London career to travel, and is currently based in tropical North Queensland in Australia.



  • Tony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within.



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