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7 Tips on How To Encourage Your Team's Morale During A Slow Business Season

Expert Panelists are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within the areas of Business, Mindset, Leadership, Innovation, Technology and Lifestyle. In Brainz Expert Panel, 7 members of The Brainz Magazine community of experts will share their best tips, advice, ideas, hacks within different topics.


1. Recognize all the efforts and hard work

Find time to recognize all the efforts and hard work given by each team member. Doing this can increase their morale and make them become more interested in getting things done efficiently. A recent study shows that people in the workplace tend to do better when they are praised or appreciated for their efforts.

2. Inspire reflection by asking questions and facilitating an open discussion as a leader

Listen for understanding, knowing when and whom to ask in order to carry out a purpose. Resist from giving advice and solve problems. Trying to identify who is responsible for a problem is a waste of time. Rather, use ‘what if’ questions to help your team members reflect from a different angle and help them shift in their thinking. Invite your team to envision how the ideal future might look like for them and how they would feel in that ideal future. When a team member has a negative attitude, help them get back on track and perceive the “failure” as a lesson and opportunity to grow, reframing their attitude with questions such as: “What could you do to successfully (fill in the blank)?” By developing emotional self-awareness, your team would be able to recognise their emotional drivers and limitations and be able to move forward. As stated by the Agile Manifesto, “Value individuals and interaction." Adelina Stefan, Professional Certified Coach (PCC ICF)

3. Reward the team member

Encourage team members to develop new ideas or initiatives to present to leadership to support the vision and mission of the company. Ideas would be compiled and voted upon by the team for implementation and execution. The team member with the best idea would share in the profits from the initiative. It could be a flat fee or percentage of sales. If it is not feasible to share in the profits that reward the team member with a gift card. Haseena Shaheed-Jackson, Faith Hope Spirit LLC

4. Celebrate the wins!

When we celebrate the wins with our team, we activate the part of the brain that is responsible for feelings of motivation. Celebrating wins has also been shown to increase confidence, positive thinking and build momentum within a team. So, start celebrating those wins, big and small, and see your team morale grow!

Arliss Dudley-Cash MA, MBA, Business Coach and Consultant

5. Create an Accountability Meeting

Encourage your team to meet weekly to brainstorm, show progress and set up weekly projects to increase business. Go live three times a week on different platforms, post content and graphics weekly. My absolute favorite project is "Teach In Ten." Take a service that you offer and provide a demo on Zoom or Live in a private group. This gives the audience a taste of what you do. It's short, fun and can be implemented immediately.

6. Set aside time for Real Talk

Maybe you remember this trick from middle school, when something would happen in your classroom and your teacher would set aside special “real talk” time to unpack what was happening within the classroom. And even as adults, this works wonders! Because pretending that low morale or a dip in sales is “normal”, will only bring more stress and conflict. Your team and see and feel when there’s stress in the organization, and you don’t want to mislead them with toxic positivity. Open communication, and a willingness to put it ALL on the table are key to motivating your team to innovate. Call a special meeting to foster “real talk” to openly and honestly share concerns, questions, and frustrations. And each month, offer space for your organization to participate in regular “real talks” with the leadership team. Learn more about soothing your team’s energy and leading with heart here.

7. Keep the employees informed and involved

Low seasons are part of any business. When those times come remember to keep the employees informed and involved. The best way to keep morale up is by reflecting on wins and having a creative plan for the future. Consistent communication is the key to a thriving team culture where everyone feels heard and recognized for their hard work.



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