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5 Things Organized Business Gets Right

Written by: Agnese Rudzate, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Save yourself time by taking the time to organize our business — its tasks, processes, team, and yourself for next-level success. In our busy lives, it has become a norm to wear many hats as business owners. There’s a lot to manage. Besides, it has to be done effectively to move the business forwards. Organized business means you don’t have to waste time doing things you shouldn’t be doing in the first place. Organizational skills are worth practicing to maintain business growth. Disorganization is one of the worst business practices that doesn’t let you level up in the scale you want. It’s highly distracting and messy.

While organizing might not be high on your priorities list, it has many benefits that you need to know about. Starting from increased productivity to profits and more.

Let’s look at 5 things organized business gets right to save valuable resources - time, money, energy.

1. Time-Management

Managing your time as a business owner is crucial to not only your business but also your own well-being. Planning accordingly to your rhythm, abilities, and business needs will only increase your impact and reduce wasted time on unproductive tasks. Knowing what to do and when to do it is a skill that’s worth building. Understand where your distractions come from. What takes your attention away? By understanding the triggers, you will become a much better manager of your time. Meaning, you will be able to focus on strategically important tasks, prioritize wisely and delegate tasks that are not in your “zone of genius.”

2. Team-Management

A team where everyone knows what they're doing is a great team. But a team where members take proactive action to fulfill your business goals, bring your vision to life and thrive for growth is a team worth investing your time in. The organized business has clear procedures that don’t allow confusion. Everyone is on the tasks without your constant attention and micromanaging. Effective team interrupts you much less. It saves your time and energy to focus on strategically important projects.

3. Process-Management

A smooth process running is a structural fundamental of a well-organized business. Starting from client attraction to ensuring you receive testimonials. It’s all part of well-oiled business processes that run themselves without your constant monitoring. It’s all possible by establishing well-defined processes that bring results. It’s up to business owners to gain clarity and understand the direction and then put the processes on paper. This way, there are fewer questions, less confusion, and more productive work.

4. Success-Management

Success is inevitable when business is organized towards success. Cleaning your desk and placing contracts in one folder is just a start to distraction-free space to level up. Maintaining that organization in physical and mental space is what makes growth smooth. Plan alone will not lead you towards your goal - you will have to take action. Take the right action. Going back and analyzing what didn’t work is part of your success management as an ambitious business owner with a vision to create a greater impact.

5. Stress-Management

Stress is part of your lives, when and in fact, it's very needed (in moderation). Imagine how much stress you can save yourself if you know where things are when you need them. When you know who is doing what and when. And if you don't’ know, you know who to ask and where to look. It lessens the overwhelm and anxiety for you and your team. Asking your team what would help them to decrease stress is a great way to increase their productivity. Avoid the consequences of a poor organization. Instead, take the time to eliminate options for stress. Implement solid organizational systems to reduce anxiety and have more joy in and outside the workplace. All these factors are your way to level up without burnout. Saving time is great. Saving money is awesome, but saving yourself from constant anxiety is a gift that’s priceless. Each and everything from this list is completely doable for every business owner. All you need is a willingness to create more ease for yourself to focus your energy where it’s needed the most.

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Agnese Rudzate, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Agnese Rudzate is a Business Productivity Coach and Time-management expert with a professional background in Quality Management and Empowerment Coaching. She has turned her lifelong passion for organizing into her mission, helping women gain the confidence, clarity, and time freedom they deserve by providing action steps, tools, and customized strategies. Agnese is a firm believer that anyone can achieve business or personal goals through a deeply focused effort, which is based on her coaching. Through structure, systems, and processes that bring results, Agnese teaches her clients to manage their business with ease, create time freedom, and scale in profits.



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