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5 Reasons You Need To Hire A Virtual Assistant

Written by: Rebecca Mason, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


If you haven’t hired a Virtual Assistant yet then it should be the next thing on your list! Virtual Assistants (VAs) are remote contractors that can support your business in anything from admin to marketing. Here are 5 reasons why you need one, like, yesterday.

1. They are cheaper than employees.

As remote, independent contractors, Virtual Assistants do not require company benefits (health insurance, retirement funds, investment plans, etc.), nor require overhead (office space, office supplies, equipment, Worker’s Compensation, etc). PLUS, they do not require 40 hours of paid work a week, including PTO, paid holidays, and overtime. According to, that can be a difference of almost $60,000 a year! If you shy away from working with contractors, then you haven’t found the right VA. They are worth the savings!

2. Businesses need (wo)manpower to grow.

You will eventually stunt the growth of your business unless you expand your team. You, alone, cannot do it all. Whether you are a solopreneur or have a small team already, onboarding a Virtual Assistant to increase the human power in your company will unlock exponential growth.

3. You need to focus on being the CEO.

Growth equals profit and there are crucial areas of your business that only you can do. Whether that is product creation, networking, or building the vision, the truth is, you shouldn’t be spending your energy on tasks that could be handled by a Virtual Assistant. Remember, you are the CEO.

4. Virtual Assistants give you your precious time back.

According to the ServiceNow State of Work report, business owners spend an average of sixteen hours a week on the back-end, nitty-gritty tasks of business. That is almost HALF of a 40-hour workweek! All that time you spend on VA tasks (such as canned emails, tech support, and social media scheduling) could be repurposed into business growth or into spending time with your family! Those are hours that can be done by a Virtual Assistant. Period.

5. Virtual Assistants are full of ideas!

Being able to brainstorm and bounce ideas off another person is invaluable for your business. If you hire the right Virtual Assistant, they will understand your vision and your business as well as you do. They also bring a different perspective and set of skills to the virtual table. In addition to handing-off time-consuming tasks to your VA, don’t forget to schedule regular brainstorming sessions. You won’t regret it!

Now that you know why your business needs to onboard a virtual assistant, the question is who!

I highly recommend working with a Virtual Assistant who you trust, makes your life easier, and shares your values. Therefore, it will be worth it to conduct a thorough hiring process and interview. You will also have the option of hiring VAs at many different investment points. From my experience, you get what you pay for.

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Rebecca Mason, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Rebecca Mason is a business coach for virtual assistants. She runs the successful Laptop Freedom Program, which empowers women to embrace their dreams and build a remote business. Join thousands of other women in learning how to start your business, find clients, and develop the skills you need. Sign up for her free guide at


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