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5 Reasons To Unplug From Work For the Weekend as a Mom Entrepreneur

Written by: Kelisha Mills, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Indeed, time doesn’t stop. For mom entrepreneurs, time is an important commodity, one that seems to be very limited. A nine to five workday can go by in what seems like 1 hour. You often ask yourself where the day went, and you can’t even remember taking a break.

As a mom entrepreneur, it is very important to unplug from the workweek. I want to share five reasons why from my own experience.

To increase your productivity

I remember the times when I was running on fumes. Assignments due, children’s exams, work deadlines, house chores, meetings, and phone calls. I had to take the night and make it a day. It was stressful! I used to put on my superwoman cape and pump myself up with lots of “I can do this!” self-talk. In reality, those were my least productive days. Switching between tasks and roles within twenty-four hours causes you to lose focus, especially if you are not taking enough breaks in between.

Sometimes, we can’t get away from a busy workweek. By the mid-week, productivity levels begin to decrease. Research shows that the most productive day of the week is Monday. You can accomplish 20.4% of your tasks. The least productive day of the week is Friday, where 16.7% of your tasks get done. That percentage drops significantly on Saturday and Sunday to 4.7%. So, it is not wise to extend your workweek to the weekend.

I would suggest re-wiring your schedule and place your most important tasks earlier in the week. Understanding that your productivity levels drop on the weekend will make you more mindful about what you do with your time.

To improve your memory

Imagine a computer that is filled with lots of programs and information. Sooner or later, the device’s memory becomes filled, and it becomes less responsive. So it is with our mind and energy. The more you fill your brain up, and the more you pressure your body, the less responsive you become to many things. Your happiness, health, and well-being become overwhelmed. You may feel like working long hours will do good for your bottom line, but you are hurting your brain. A British study found that overworking your brain can quicken the aging of your memory and thinking skills. A few things you can do on the weekend to help sharpen your brain are:

  • Exercise

  • Meditate

  • Connect with your loved ones

  • Change your scenery

To improve your creativity

I don’t know about you, but I become less inspired as the workweek moves along. It’s difficult to get creative ideas on a Thursday or Friday afternoon when you have house chores or a glass of red wine on your mind. The weekend was created to help us to rest from our busy schedules. It is also a great time to do activities that will get you inspired to boost your creativity. There is nothing like a weekend getaway or a spa day that helps you calm your mind and to put everything into perspective. You can choose to fill your weekend with all of the chores your body can handle, or you can set aside a few hours to dedicate to rest and rejuvenation. I feel most creative on a Sunday because the environment is usually chill and laid back. I write down all that I am grateful for, and I plan my week. I love writing my weekly content and reviewing my goals on this day.

To spend time doing what truly matters

If you are tired of hearing “Mom, mom, mom!” daily, it’s usually because your attention is placed away from your children. They call you constantly to get a glimmer of your time. I know it may be difficult to get away from some of your meetings, and you’re embarrassed when they make their appearances on your Zoom calls, but your children know how to demand their attention. It’s a great idea to set aside time on the weekends dedicated to them. If you’re married or have a significant other, it’s also a great time to give that person your undivided attention as well. Let’s face it, you’re pretty amazing, and your loved ones just want to spend some time with you and to be your primary focus. Schedule fun outings or even fun nights on your Friday or Saturday evening. My family calls Friday nights “Junk Food Friday.” We order pizza or fried chicken and watch a movie or two together. It’s our “thing,” and they love that mom and dad prioritize that gadget-free time where “work” is not thought of or mentioned.

To improve your mental health

At the end of it all, having time to shift your focus from work improves your mental health. The term “mental health day” is increasingly used when employees decide to take a day off from work. Dealing with employees, bosses, and family life is stressful! If you have a full-time job or are an entrepreneur, over 90% of your year is spent working. Some countries allow you 2 weeks and up to one month of vacation days. That’s not enough time to live a well-balanced life. I always love to learn of those entrepreneurs who can take off for half of the year because they have systems in place and value their mental health. The National Institute of Mental Health notes that 72% of entrepreneurs are directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues. Entrepreneurs have a lot to deal with, so you can imagine being a mom entrepreneur. That’s the next level! There is so much more to deal with. The pressures, highs, and lows of entrepreneurship require the mental capacity to deal with what comes to you daily. I want to suggest taking your weekends off to help sort through those emotions. You deserve it!

I hope these steps were helpful. Reach out to me in the DMs and let me know which one stood out to you the most.

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Kelisha Mills, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Kelisha Mills is a wife, mom of 4, author, speaker, and Entrepreneur (BSc. Entrepreneurship) for over 13 years. Kelisha specializes in life makeovers for mom entrepreneurs, helping them gain the clarity and confidence they need to find symmetry to run a successful business and have quality time with their families.



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