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5 Lessons From A Million Dollar Mentor

Written by: Corey Butler, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


As mindset trainers, we always tell you that your results are a reflection of your beliefs and that the real task is the 'inner work.' It's not the environment, events, or circumstances that determine success or failure, and being successful is something that anyone can achieve.


In 2016, I put this to the test when I decided to stop what I was doing and allow my identical twin brother to mentor me in creating a new business. He had already created a successful business, winning the 2 comma award for creating a million dollar funnel using Russell Brunson's Click Funnels software platform. Would I be able to replicate the same success now that I was being told exactly what to do? Or was my 'inner game' going to get in the way? I want to share some lessons I learned along the way as I listened to my twin brother about creating success in business.

5 Lessons from a million dollar mentor

1. Everything is relative to our own definitions

It's important that you have clarity in what a successful outcome looks like for you. In my case, I was a musical recording artist when I embarked upon this journey, and success for me was people listening to my music. As a result, the measurement I used was my fan base and how many plays I would get. I wanted people to enjoy my work. When it came to my brother, the measurement was sales and money.

These different ideas produced very different results. One created thousands of online fans, willing to pay nothing or very little for my work, and the other was producing ten of thousands of dollars in revenue per month. The message was simple; get clear about what you really want, and get clear about your values.

2. Get out of your own way

I've spoken to hundreds of people trying to get ahead, most of them struggling, and there is always a common theme of self-sabotage. Personally, I couldn't tell you how many times I have argued that my way is right, with little or no evidence in the form of results to back up my actions. If your way worked, you would already have arrived at your destination. There's always a good reason for this stubbornness and why you are not listening to good advice, and that is your little self is getting in the way of your big self. Step side and move forward. The less you think about what you are doing, the better. Just trust in yourself.

3. Imperfect action beats perfect inaction

This has to be one of the most powerful lessons I ever learned. People that get things done just get on with it. It's not about being perfect, it's about keeping up momentum and moving forward. Our internal guidance system is built to direct us as we move along, but there is nothing to direct if there's no action. The 'law of attraction' will bring you opportunities, but it is the 'law of action' that brings hard results.

4. Identify the beliefs that are holding you back

If you are not getting the success you want, then you have one or more negative and limiting beliefs buried deep down. Check your mental blueprint. What do you really think about who you are to be doing what you are trying to achieve? This is where social and environmental conditioning can really hold you back. You receive your programming from the people around you when you are at a young age. Start building positive ideas about what you are capable of, what you deserve, and possible. For example, do you find it hard to ask for money? Why? What tasks make you uncomfortable? Why?

5. Love and accept yourself unconditionally

This final lesson didn't come from my brother but from a more recent million-dollar mentor in my own industry. Underpinning the principle is an immutable law of nature. Life doesn't give us what we want, and it gives us what we are. You have to become successful from an internal standpoint before you experience success externally. Imposter syndrome is the cause of many a failure. Not accepting deserved success because of a lack of self-acceptance, or love, or worthiness. You have to get rid of all of that and see yourself as a champion!

I’ve learned from my experiences that those goal achievements are only as difficult as you want to make it. However great they seem, the obstacles will always move out of the way when the mindset is aligned. The struggle always comes from internal resistance, and it’s all about releasing that resistance to move forward. It’s easy to look at what’s going on around and blame all sorts of conditions that you have no control over, but that’s not how it is. You are in control if you decide to be in control.

You can make a decision that you are going to do whatever is required to reach your goal. Accept that you have the talent and ability to do it, and then start believing in yourself. I've learned that the difference between success and failure is always in mind.

If you would like to read the full story of 'My Twin Brother – Lessons From a Million Dollar Mentor' and become a part of our conscious entrepreneur success community, then check out my website.

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Corey Butler & Gabriella Gozon, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Corey and Gabriella are leaders in high performance mentoring and mindset training. Corey became interested in how the mind plays an instrumental part in determining the success that people achieve in different areas of their lives after working with numerous professional tennis players to improve their psychology over a 15-year period.

This led him to partner with Bob Proctor, the world's leading authority in unlocking human potential, and the Proctor Gallagher Institute to start helping entrepreneurs to create quantum leaps in their businesses through raising conscious awareness and teaching how to unlock latent potential.

Gabriella joined Corey in 2018, bringing her corporate experience and passion for success psychology. Together they created ‘The Conscious Entrepreneur’,

The two now work to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs create a greater impact in the world through the application and implementation of success principles that harmonize thoughts and actions with natural laws of the Universe.



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