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5 Keys To An Online Dating Profile That Will Attract Your Ideal Man

Written by: Natalie Ford, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


He told me my dating profile had stopped him in his tracks. Apparently, he'd been on the verge of quitting online dating when he came across my profile and felt compelled to message me. I smiled. I'd made my profile intentionally bold. Triggering, even – at least to those whom it was meant to repel. I didn't want any time-wasters, sex-seekers, or no-hopers hitting my inbox. I'd gone ALL IN to find my forever man. And, right now, he had just landed in my inbox.

Happy couple at the park.

My Profile Was My Perfect Man Magnet

My dating bio had been specifically crafted to attract my ideal man. A man who had drive, courage, confidence, and direction. A man who knew what he wanted in life and who would go all out to get it. A man who wasn't afraid of living and knew how to take leaps of faith.

"How's the online dating scene treating you?" he inquired.

"Good, thanks – and you?" I responded.

"A little rough, if I'm honest", came his reply. His authenticity shone through.

Within a few targeted questions, I'd quickly established that he:

  • knew himself well;

  • had done plenty of personal development work;

  • knew the patterns in relationships that he needed to work on;

  • could articulate his boundaries;

  • would stand up for himself;

  • and was an honest, caring person who was certainly worth getting to know further.

A video call confirmed that he was just as kind, genuine and open as he'd first seemed, so we arranged an in-person date.

Upon arrival, he'd hidden a beautiful potted plant under his jacket to surprise me and greeted me with a hug. "Cute!" I thought. And it only got better. He took me on a mystery tour of a local park to a place where we could feed wild birds by hand – and he'd even brought bird seed so we could do that!

Our Relationship Went From Strength To Strength

Over our next two dates, the conversation just flowed. We explored topics that were deep and meaningful, and we also laughed and joked a lot. We talked about everything and anything. No subject was out of bounds.

I'd set my standards intentionally high and he continued to meet every single one of them. He impressed me over and over with the care, authenticity, and depth with which he showed up.

By date 4, I was confident he could be my forever man.

Almost 2 years on, we're now taking steps to move in together and talking about the possibility of marriage.

I couldn't be happier. And all because I knew exactly how to craft the perfect dating profile to attract this calibre of man.

You Can Find Lasting Love Too

If you're sick of dating all the Mr. Wrongs out there and you know – deep in your bones – that your Mr. Right is out there, but you just haven't found him yet…

If you've been asking your friends how they found their life partner and what things to write in your dating bio, but still you aren't attracting the quality of man you've been searching for…

This is for you.

There is NO reason why you can't find your forever man online – just like I did.

How To Create A Magnetic Dating Profile

Crafting an online dating profile to attract precisely the man you're looking for is just that – a craft. And one I've spent the last 5 years perfecting (plus a decade prior doing the more profound work surrounding that). "Magnetic" is my signature dating profile creation methodology that helps my clients (and could help you) call in lasting love.

Here are my top 5 tips for how to cut through the noise of dating and call in your perfect man.

1. Get Super Honest About Your Desires

This is where you get to really own what you want in a partner and all of the beautiful qualities you bring to the table. Don't be shy – this is your time to shine and stand out, so be bold!

2. Weave Your Dating Standards Into Your Narrative

Nobody wants to be compared to a checklist of requirements, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have one! Weave your standards into the description of who you are and the type of relationship you want to create.

3. Express Your Greatest Vision

Dream big. Paint the picture of exactly what a relationship with you could be like. Tell your ideal man all the places you want your union to take you.

4. Speak About Your Future Man In The Present Tense

Even though he's not yet in your world, describe your dream man in your bio as if he's already there. Conjure up an image in which he'll be able to imagine himself right there next to you.

5. Describe Your Man As His Highest Self

What is the highest vision you hold for your man? Illustrate this through your words and call him into his power. Inspire him to want to be the person you describe.

The Power Is In Your Hands

The man who is stopped in his tracks by your dating profile and who knows instantly that you're the type of woman he's been waiting for... he's out there. And he's just waiting for you to pop up on his dating app to start a life with you.

I'm here to help you call him in. This is the work I do with women all over the world. I help you:

  • get clear in who you're looking for

  • articulate the beautiful qualities that you bring to a partnership

  • express the vision you have for your dream relationship

  • craft an online dating profile that will magnetise the high-quality men you've been seeking.

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Natalie Ford, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Natalie Ford is an online dating expert who works with strong, driven, successful women ready to get off the hamster wheel of dating and find lasting love with their forever man. She supports clients in gaining clarity on the man they seek, creating a magnetic dating profile that attracts high-quality men, knowing how to decipher precisely which men are worth your time on the apps, and seamlessly transitioning to an in-person, successful relationship. With 15+ years of personal development expertise, over 200 clients served, and features in publications such as TimeOut, Thrive and Brainz, Natalie now works 1:1 with women in their 30s and 40s to find forever love and is the host of The Enchanted Love Podcast.



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