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5 Key People Every Woman Needs In Her Inner Circle

Written by: Eleanor Oliver-Edmonds, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


One of the many challenges busy, entrepreneurial women encounter is working alone in a silo without the benefit of consistent access to other successful women. Access is as good as currency, it exposes you to people, knowledge, and opportunities you may not be able to develop on your own. Whether you are starting your career, are a seasoned professional, a business leader, or an entrepreneur, surrounding yourself with like-minded women who are pursuing their dreams and goals is one of the fastest ways for you to grow professionally and personally.

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Motivational speaker Jim Rohn says, “you are the average of the 5 people closest to you.” Businesses create advisory boards comprised of individuals from diverse areas of expertise, industries, and backgrounds whose collective insights benefit the organization. You can create your own advisory board or empowering inner circle. Imagine having a trusted board of advisors who you can call upon when you need high-level answers or support. How could having such a group shift the trajectory of your career or business journey? How quickly could you apply their shared knowledge to close your skill gaps, build momentum, and avoid setbacks?

You can intentionally curate a powerful circle of 5 women with specific skills, knowledge, and expertise to help you accelerate your growth. So where do you find these five amazing goddesses? They are likely in your life already; they are the women you respect, trust, and admire. You will want to select one person to fill a specific role that aligns with your vision or mission.

Here are 5 key Power Roles for Your Power Circle


The person to fill this role may be a respected co-worker, a former boss, or a friend whose professional guidance you know and trust. Ideally, choose someone from a similar industry who models behavior and habits you would like to adopt. Here are some qualities to look for: an ability to build and maintain professional relationships, management and leadership skills, a keen understanding of organizational culture. She has “been there” so she can help you avoid pitfalls as you navigate unfamiliar (to you) territory. Mentors offer support, feedback encouragement, and accountability. If switching careers, choose a mentor from or familiar with your intended field to gain industry insights and introductions to potential contacts.


We all have that one friend whose six degrees of separation is more like two. She has access to a plethora of resources and is more than happy to share. Connectors thrive in networking situations so if you haven’t met her yet, that’s a wonderful setting to start. When you meet a connector, be clear on how this person can support you: the resources, people, or information you are seeking. For your part, once your connector delivers, the next step is up to you. As the saying goes, “the fortune is in the follow through.” Connectors are great allies to have in your inner circle, especially if you are relocating, launching, or scaling a business and quality contacts are in short supply.


A hypewoman is the supportive friend who always has your back. She’s the one who showers you with compliments, encouragement and is the first to endorse your dreams. She’s more than a cheerleader, she’s the person who will hype up your latest accomplishments when you’re out in public. She’s a good match for introverts or for those who feel uncomfortable promoting themselves. Your hypewoman offers positive third-party validation so do not take her role lightly. To fully maximize the talents of your hypewoman, it’s best to let her know how she can best represent or “promote” you. Offer details and talking points for her to share on your behalf.


A supporter is a friend who’s there for you lifting you up behind the scenes. She’s a person commenting on your social media posts, she may pick up your kids from school, she’s one you call when you need a good cry or to join you on a girls’ weekend away. The person filling this role is likely someone close to you and knows you well enough to offer “keep it real” feedback. Her role is as vital and essential as the others. A supporter can be a friend or family member who believes in your dream even when you may have doubts.


Life-changing events can happen by design when you seek a promotion, decide to start a business, or choose to change careers. Other times life-altering events may happen without warning, like getting laid off from a job, divorce or learning your company is relocating to another city. These changes can bring a myriad of overwhelming emotions. Hiring a coach to help you navigate these transitions will keep you focused on what’s important so you can remain productive and stress-free. A coach will become your trusted guide and accountability partner who supports you as you stretch outside of your comfort zone. Your coach will help you identify meaningful and manageable actions steps towards your desired outcome. Like your mentor, a coach supports professional development. Having a coach can help you identify and overcome blind spots and limiting beliefs so you can achieve sustainable success.

Once you’ve created your power circle, schedule a time to introduce the group to one another and explain how each will be serving you. Share your expectations for each, the frequency of when you will meet with them and how you will be accountable to them. You may choose to meet once a month or once per quarter depending on the nature of your overarching goal or objectives. Scheduled meetings with your mentor and coach will likely happen on a more frequent cadence. As you achieve your goals and your needs change, some roles and relationships may no longer be needed as a result.

These trusted advisors understand your vision and are in place to ensure you successfully achieve your objectives. It can be said opportunities arise from being in the right place at the right time, however, having access to successful women may ignite that process. When you recognize the value of having a brain trust in place, you will understand how you can leverage this powerful tool. As you build community with your empowerment inner circle, look for opportunities where you can serve in an advisory role for another woman.

Could you benefit from having a coach in your empowering inner circle?

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Eleanor Oliver-Edmonds, Senior Level Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor

Elle (Eleanor) Oliver-Edmonds is a writer, speaker, and certified virtual coach. She pivoted from her advertising/marketing career as a creative strategist crafting consumer-directed messaging for top household brands and applied her creative problem-solving expertise to coaching individuals.

She’s the founder and creator of the S.H.I.F.T. Factor, an online transformational space where Elle empowers women over 40 to reconnect with their dreams, overcome barriers, and strategize a path to success. The five-part inside-out process is based on the guiding principles, tools, and resources Elle successfully used to reimagine and redesign her own life after losing of job, marriage, home, and business.

She now lives a life where every day looks like a vacation. She relocated from hectic city life in Los Angeles to the Palm Desert area where she lives with her husband and is affectionately referred to as “Coach Elle in Coachella” by her clients. Elle is the proud mom of two entrepreneurs who inspire her to follow her passion of living with intention and creating a ripple effect.



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