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5 Insights To Rise Above Global Threats

Written by: Asim Aliloski, Executive Contributor

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Imagine living in a world where world leaders make conscious decisions that amply love, peace and freedom for all. These heart-centred leaders have the best interest for humanity and the planet. Imagine a world full of harmony and abundance that works for everyone. Heaven on earth, right here, right now.

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Instead, we have to deal with global threats such as pandemics, terrorism, climate change, war and poverty. It seems that we are so far away towards a world that works for everyone. And I understand: You are probably sitting on your sofa watching the news and it can be pretty scaring getting bombarded by one threat after another. You might feel helpless, hopeless and overwhelmed. You don’t know what the future will bring and if all this “B.S.” may affect you.

You have also heard that you should turn off the news and instead focus on the positive. But you can’t for a reason. You would rather want to know how you can be in control of gas prices, global viruses and terrorist attacks.

I have bad news for you: You can’t control these things. There are not in your control. Assuming that you are not Putin, Biden, Macron or any world leader in charge.

The more you feel forced to take control of those things that you can’t control the more you will feel helpless, hopeless and overwhelmed.

But I also have good news: You can rise above global threats and feel more empowered.

How? Check out my 5 insights: 1. Focus on what you can control For example: You cannot control climate change but you can control if you eat meat from factory farming (it is proven that factory farming contributes to deforestation and is the no 1 environmental destruction). You cannot control a global pandemic but you can boost your immune system by changing your lifestyle. You cannot probably do something against a world war but you can cultivate peace within you. Do you get me? Focus on what you can control instead. Every time we get empowered is because we do something that is in our power.

2. Look behind the veil

If you are interested in watching what is happening around the globe (and you simply can’t stop), don’t just read the same news and media. Go deep and ask critical questions. Listen to people with different opinions. Get in touch with them personally if possible. This is one way how you can get a broader picture. The more you see the greater puzzle, the less you can get manipulated. I worked in the media many years ago and can tell you that a lot of the news in mainstream media is nothing more than just propaganda. I will leave it that way.

3. Work with your emotions getting triggered in you

If something bad is going on globally and emotions are coming up, this is a great invitation for you to go within and see why they are getting triggered. Because you are getting scared of death? You might be losing your money or material possessions? Do you think that you might get sick? Whatever it is. As soon as something is triggering your emotions, it is your job to shift, transform and heal them. We not only carry our own traumas but also those from our ancestors. In case they experienced a lot of pain in a war, you might feel the same fears as them. In this case, get some professional help. It’s worth it! At the end whatever weakened you before will make you stronger after you have done the inner work.

4. Create a passionate vision for yourself

I know it’s so easy sometimes to watch the news and the craziness around you and get soaked in it. But if you really want to help anybody on this planet, make sure that you help yourself first. Grow, heal and pursue your purpose. Create a vision for your future. What people really need in these times is somebody who is shining like a lighthouse no matter what the weather conditions are. This is a way to be of greater service to humanity. As soon as you got aligned with the higher visions for yourself, create a positive picture for a world you want to live in and hold on to it.

5. Take aligned actions

Pay attention to the people you connect with. Are they empowering or disempowering you? Watch out during every interaction. Also, make sure to take little or big aligned actions that are meaningful to you. If you don’t want more war, there are millions of aligned actions that you can take to contribute to peace. Take one or two. You could donate to humanitarian peace organizations, join a world peace meditation event or go into politics. Whatever it is. Take aligned actions.

You are meant to live in a world that works for everyone.


Namasté, Asim

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Asim Aliloski, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Asim Aliloski is an Austrian bestselling author, transformational speaker, spiritual leader and award-winning business and life coach. Asim has been listed amongst the 101 Most Fabulous Coaches in the World 2020, Top 20 Business Coaches 2021, Top 50 Influential Leaders by Kosmo Magazine, and he is a proud winner of the European Enterprise Awards 2020.

His mission is to share spiritual wisdom that uplifts the energy and consciousness of people and businesses. Asim has been working with heart-driven leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities and creatives helping them to awaken their divine greatness and make their life purpose a success. Through this work, people unleash their intuitive and spiritual intelligence in order to create personal fulfillment, optimum health and ultimate abundance alongside a high-end wealthy lifestyle.

Asim, CEO of Asim Aliloski International, founded his coaching and consulting business at the age of 25 and has been exploring the power of consciousness for several decades. The native Viennese with Greek-Macedonian origins combines in his work elements from ancient Greek philosophy with universal spirituality rooted in Sufism and Buddhism along with transformative coaching. Coming from a underprivileged family living on welfare, he mastered to become one of the most recognised spiritual coaches and leaders in the world.



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