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4 Steps To Start Walking In Self-Love

Written by: Naz Grimley, Executive Contributor

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The journey to coming back home to you.

Have you ever heard of self-love and thought: “It is just expensive and time-consuming to work on self-love”? I am here to clear this out and empower you to allow yourself to dive into what matters: YOU. What you are not told about self-love is that it is a journey, a journey where you are about to learn more of yourself. Yes, spa trips and buying yourself something or even going to the gym are excellent and it is a form of self-love, but what I am about to share with you in this article is to trigger you to level up in life.

I have always been someone who wanted to learn who I truly am. It took me a long time to finally allow myself to dream without expectations and the noise of society. I finally realized that to walk in self-love, I had to create a vision of the person I wanted to be and allow her to live in the present me today. I know, crazy right? But hear me out. It wasn’t filled with trips to the spa, or the mall or even increasing the amount of time I went to the gym. It was realizing that I do not fit in a box, a box where I allowed others and frankly myself to dim my light so it’s not too bright and uncomfortable to others. A box where I have placed all the expectations of society, and even people close to me. It was allowing myself to unleash through self-forgiveness and self-love.

I am going to share with you 3 steps to start walking in self-love, you’ll need a journal and a pen and create a space of presence – meaning you are allowing yourself to just be without expectations and judgment.

4 Steps to start walking in self-love:

  • Step one: Discovering the self

For one to truly allow themselves to learn about who one truly is, you must go home back to yourself. To do this:

1. Create a list of the things you are currently doing daily and check in with yourself if this is something that gives you joy. For example, the people you spend a lot of time with, ask yourself “is this in fact a relationship that brings me joy?”

2. Desires – now that you have noted what does or doesn’t give you joy. List your desires in life and you can even categorize this so you can see things clearly. For example, Personal growth – reading more books, work – finding a better job where I feel appreciated, etc.

  • Step two: Vision Casting

I am not talking about creating a vision board, I am saying get very detail-oriented when it comes to your goals. Steps on how to do this:

1. Create a space where it feels good, clean, organized, and quiet. Grab your journal and favorite beverage along with a playlist you enjoy listening to.

2. Timeline – think of a timeline that feels comfortable to you to see the woman you want to be. Is this in 3 months? 6 months? 12 months? or 5 years? Do not create pressure or overwhelm, this must feel good and exciting.

3. Allow yourself to dream. Using step one as a tool to create your vision, write your vision with the timeline and the list of desires you have. Write this as if that person you want to be is living in the present moment.

4. To get into the details of the person you desire to be, use the below prompts:

  • What am I wearing?

  • Where do I live?

  • How am I nourishing my body?

  • How do I show up for myself?

  • What does my morning routine look like?

  • Who are the people I am spending time with?

  • How am I protecting my energy and setting healthy boundaries?

5. Create an “a day with (enter your name)”. How does the person you want to start their day from the time he or she wakes up? Get detailed into you’re your daily routine looks like.


5:00 am – Wake up + get out of bed without looking at the phone

5:10 am – Meditation + Journaling

  • Step three: Write a letter to yourself

Write a letter from the person you want to be to you in the present. Allow kindness, self-forgiveness, and your desires to pour into the letter.

  • Step four: Aligned action

Now it’s time to make it your reality. Here is where you are going to step into the person you want to be from TODAY. Yes, I said it, there is no “when I get there… then I’ll feel xxx” Your worth is your birthright. You can be whoever you want to be if you allow yourself to.

So, tell me, what is stopping you from stepping into your 2.0 today?

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Naz Grimley, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Naz Grimley is a Women's Health & Life Coach, Gut & Hormone practitioner, Podcast host, wife, and a Mama of three. As a global brand, Naz has helped dozens of women step into their power and responsibility so they can show up as the woman they want to be. Sustainability and radical transformation are key tools to how Naz coaches her clients to create space for radical self-love, and nourishment, balancing their hormones, healing their metabolism, and meaningful relationships.



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