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Sara Abaza - The Wellness Expert on How to Successfully Become Free From Stress

Mindset and wellness mentor Sara Abaza comes from Kuwait and a conservative Arabic family, and she was fed with thoughts of limiting beliefs and a narrow mindset from early age. She was stuck in that mindset for a long time but the turning point came when she started listening to English music. That was the one thing that inspired her to go beyond her surroundings, to go beyond what she thought she was.

Sara Abaza
Sara Abaza

She learned English by listening to English songs and watching Oprah Winfrey. She started visualizing a different future for herself and manifested things that she wanted and started to work very hard for. Things evolved and today, she's a powerful mindset mentor and speaker teaching people hacks to become stress-free, healthy, and extremely positive which she means is one of the keys to see opportunities in almost everything. She has four kids and is still able to exercise a lot every day and handle stress in a very successful way. Brainz Magazine wanted Sara Abaza to share 3 tips on how to successfully become free from stress since this is a huge challenge in today's society.

At times stress is considered as a helping hand in boosting performance, but most of the time it results in giving out impacts that negatively affect the human mind. According to a study done to understand the behavior of stress and its psychological effects here are some examples:

  1. Stress is the number one health concern for high school students.

  2. 80 percent of all people feel stressed at work.

  3. 51% of adults who felt stressed reported feeling depressed, and 61% reported feeling anxious.

  4. 16% had self-harmed and 32% said they had had suicidal thoughts and feelings.

  5. 37% of adults who reported feeling stressed reported feeling lonely as a result.

It is obvious that no group in our society are free from stress. Both students, as well as employees, are affected by the negative effects. However, there are various tricks to be taken to remedy the problem and manage the stress levels.

- The best way to handle the stress is to follow these steps, and if you work upon my advice, you will definitely see a reduced stress level in your life.

Sara’s three tips on how to reduce stress

  • Believe that positivity is your best way of living; it affects your health and well-being. Emotionally, mentally and physically.

  • Remember that the awareness of negative emotions is the first step that reverses stress by learning simple techniques such as Heart focused breathing.

  • "Let me your catalyst of change" Speaking about your negative emotions with an expert is an act of wisdom and avoids taking tips on reducing stress from family and Friends.

Sara Abaza
Sara Abaza

- If you are looking for more than encouragement and want to know the process of healing permanently decide to speak to an expert instead of asking for advice from family and friends, Sara says.

Sara strongly believes in that you can design the life of your dreams in a few steps:

  • Manage Your Stress - Learn the scientific and psychologically proven methods to combat the modern world's biggest lifestyle challenge.

  • Find more Clarity - We will lead you in the right direction that will help you accomplish your goal.

  • Have a Healthy Lifestyle - Learn the secret of improving your health and well-being. Transform yourself into a better version of what you are.

  • Fulfill Your Purpose - Each one of you is born with a purpose. Discover it with us and get the right direction to accomplish it.

  • Build Lifelong Relationships - Learn the art of building long-lasting relationships that will take you closer to your goal.

To learn more, visit Sara's website and follow her on Instagram



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