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Exclusive Interview With Cody Harvey - Innovating The Art Of Networking and Business Growth

Cody Harvey, one of the founders of Kennected, is hard to quantify. It is difficult to put this country -boy -done -good into a box. Harvey is an unlikely CEO who prides himself on family, authentic connections, and serial entrepreneurship. The genesis of Harvey’s love for entrepreneurship began less than a decade ago as he perfected the art of couch surfing with a net worth of one dollar. The last dollar in his pocket became the fuel for him to never look back and drive sustainable success. Fast forward to the present day, Harvey reigns over a multi-million-dollar empire.

Harvey’s brainchild, Kennected, is an Indiana-based tech company that is reimagining what tech should look like. Kennected provides sales enablement tools that specialize in outreach & prospecting. This evolution of Harvey’s and CEO Devin Johnson’s vision is met with critical acclaim as Kennected continues to land on the Inc 5000’s list for two consecutive years.

Harvey’s journey from LA Fitness Manger to multi-million-dollar CEO is built on the foundation that a hearty handshake and eye-to-eye connection, trump everything. Harvey commands corporate brilliance in an old-fashioned way, reminiscent of the 20th-century tycoons. The Kennected team weaves a fine balance between innovation and reverence toward pioneers of the past. Ultimately, Harvey believes relationships are everything.

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