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How To Attract And Retain More Clients? Exclusive Interview With Martyna Boss

Martyna, the Founder and CEO of House of White Ravens LLC, has always been fascinated by the business world. She launched her first business at 16 and sold over 6000 courses. Then she decided to study Management & Marketing with a specialty in Multimedia Design.

During her master's studies, Martyna realized that she wanted something more than her beauty business. So she left school to work in a small agency, learning about 3D graphic design. There, she started designing 3D perfume bottles and products for TV ads.

The constant pressure of time forces her to find new ways to connect her passion for 3D design with entrepreneurship. She discovered that the 3D software she used could be a fantastic solution for showing exclusive 3D houses to clients - and combined her skill in 3D with Oculus for an even better experience! Martyna has been traveling from Shanghai to San Francisco with her solution, PreVision. Martyna and her IT team realized successful 3D interactive projects of buildings, hotels and private mansions in New York, London and Dubai.

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Martyna Boss - investor, serial entrepreneur, and business consultant

Martyna Boss is an investor, serial entrepreneur, and business consultant with over 17 years of experience. She studied Management & Marketing with a specialty in Multimedia Design in Warsaw and is a Digital Marketing Expert certified by Google. Martyna is a creator of PreVision - an interactive 3D walkthrough solution for real estate; she has been running start-ups in IT, was a co-founder of the PC game, running a construction and renovation company, and negotiating contracts with investment funds in the US, Europe, and China. Martyna founded consulting and sales agency House of White Ravens LLC, which produces $100k+ monthly profit for each client. She loves traveling with her family, private mom of a toddler, and good book lover.

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