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Mindy Schrager

Ancestral Connection

Simon T. Bailey

Secrets To Effective Public Speaking

Christine Luken

The Wheel Of Money Masterclass

Brooke Summer Adams

Your 3-Step Process To Feeling Like The Coach You Want To Be

What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:

• How to genuinely let go of the concern for others’ opinions and stop worrying about what everyone else thinks when it comes to you becoming a coach.

• How to fully eradicate the fear of being seen and show up online as a coach fearlessly and confidently.

• How to create unshakeable belief within yourself as a coach and totally eliminate imposter syndrome.

• How to build next level confidence within yourself and your abilities as a coach, even if you’re a shy or introverted person.

• How to ensure that you are taking the aligned action you need to take to become the coach you want to be, consistently – without procrastination, overwhelm and self sabotage.

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