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Krumma Jonsdottir

HEROIC – Reach The Success You Deserve Without Loosing Your Mind & Your Health

Kim Guillory

The Top Method For Winning In Wellness

Sam Onigbanjo

AI: The Power Of Generative Imagery, Start, Grow And Profit

Lynn Howard

Unlock Sales Success

Join a four Badass Global Group of Experts and Strategists!

Discover the keys to sales success:

1. Voice of the Customer Mastery: Learn how to captivate your dream clients by understanding their deepest desires.

2. Automate Your Client Magnetism: Unlock the secrets to effortlessly attract your ideal customers and supercharge your sales process.

3. Mastering Customer Behavior: Dive into the behavior behind prospect decisions and transform it into a potent sales strategy.

October 2-5th, 2023 7Pm CST

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