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Sarah Needham

Life in Leadership Coach

Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sarah Needham is a coach with an extraordinary vision: “To create a world where everyone feels they can stand up and engage in discussion about what matters most”. She wants us all to take off our invisibility cloaks, and share courageously what we think and feel.

Sarah believes that we are all unique for a reason and we should challenge ourselves to step proudly into our uniqueness, our own SUPERPOWER!

As a coach, she challenges herself to inspire people by holding regular sessions on this topic. Sarah’s work brings together her three core values: technology, sustainability and challenging others to embrace their uniqueness. She helps tech founders and leaders unleash their impact in creating a more sustainable life on earth whilst prioritizing their own self-care, and in doing so, creating a more sustainable business.

Sarah is an engineer with many years as a leader at one of the world's leading global engineering corporations. She is British living in Potsdam, Germany with her husband, two adopted daughters and two cats.