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Philip Airson

Life and Success Coach

Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Phil Airson is a life and success coach, psychotherapist and human behavioural expert. He has devoted his life to the study of human psychology and created PMA Life coaching with his mission to show over one million people how to develop a loving relationship with themselves.

Phil has worked with entrepreneurs from all over the world helping them not only grow their business but doing so by helping them grow and succeed as individuals.

Phil believes that our relationship with our own being effects how we see and interact with everything in the world. From our relationships to our work to what we see in the mirror it all stems from our perception of who we are and where we fit into society. By examining and working with this Phil has changed lives and allowed some of the most successful people to connect to joy in their lives.

Phil is a man from a wonderful but working class mining town in the north of England. He has been bullied. he has been fired. He has struggled financially. He has been lonely. He has lost loved ones.

​He has also coached clients who have lost children, had life threatening illnesses, been assaulted, been abused and been through bankruptcy.

​But Phil has also been a leader, a coach and an advisor to high level clients for almost 17 years. He's faced many challenges (in life and business) and has coached many people through life-changing experiences. And Phil has been privy to the secret challenges of top level clients, (Hint: they have the same challenges as the rest of us!)

Oh, and Phil's an introvert at heart who is secretly relieved when plans for a night out are cancelled!