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Jamie Michelle

Mindset Coach

Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jamie Michelle is an award-winning Master Mindset Coach and Energy Expert that specializes in energy and performance for professional athletes. The coaching methods she employs are unconventional, yet extremely effective. Using a combination of spiritual work, energy healing, and her unmatched, award-winning mindset coaching, Jamie helps her clients become Intentional Champions so they can continually improve their athleticism and all areas of their lives. When she’s not working with private clients, Jamie's passionate about sharing her message with the world, and it is unquestionably one to pay attention to. Her obvious dedication to teaching others how to live happy, healthy, and abundant lives has led to her international recognition as a top leader in the coaching industry. Jamie Michelle is one of very few transformational coaches who visibly lives what she teaches and is quickly proving herself to be one of our generation’s greatest Spiritual Teachers.