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Jacqui Grant

Weight Management Practitioner

Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jacqui Grant is a highly sought after Weight Management, Bariatric Surgery and Wellness Coach, Personal trainer, soon to be Advanced Weight Management Practitioner, International Best Selling author of 3 books, (Break Free & Go For It!, Life Beyond Obesity! (Jacqui’s story of transformation) and Can-Do Bariatric Surgery!) who is dedicated to help clients around the world to stop feeling overwhelmed, tired and embarrassed by their weight, by showing them how to create long term changes in their food choices, change their relationship exercise and develop a “Can Do” mindset to live their best life! Jacqui also helps those who have had or considering having bariatric surgery how to achieve their goal and keep the weight off, as well as working with professionals such as personal trainers to understand bariatric surgery.

Jacqui has worked as a nurse, coach, personal trainer, manager and also owns her own business Break Free Consultancy, where she is able to work one to one with her clients or through her programs, course, challenges along with her books. Empowering others to Break Free, Go for It and Live their BEST Life!

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