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Irena Grofelnik

Sales and Business Coach

Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Irena is a graduate of the Faculty of Business and Economics. She enrolled in a master's degree in Tax law at the Faculty of Law and later in the Executive MBA at the Cotrugla Business School in Zagreb, where she graduated in 2009.

She gained experience in the companies like Atlantic Grupa, Steklarna Hrastnik, Monsadria, where she led sales teams for the international markets or held the position of a general manager.

For the last 7 years, as the owner of Spiriton, she has trained sales teams and organized leadership workshops. She specializes in sales and participates in business transformation projects, opening sales channels, and developing advanced business strategies. Irena is particularly focused on increasing employee engagement and sales profitability. In addition, she helps foreign companies entering and developing the local market (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina).

As a sales coach, she develops competencies for sales teams and trains sales managers in developing and leading the teams.

She is a visiting professor at the Altius Business School in Zagreb in the subject »Team Leadership and Development. « She is also a certified trainer of the L.1 and L.2 Points of you® Academy for the use of advanced tools and coaching facilitation. She has been working with the brand Modra Akademija for two years, where she speaks as a lecturer on the topic of how to bring coaching into schools.

Irena is a founding member of the WomenH2H international organization, which helps women build their own businesses. She is also a board member of Business Intelligence Center, a business club for entrepreneurs. In the past, she was an active Cherie Blair Women Foundation Mentor.





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