The time to celebrate innovation and creativity is here. We have selected our top

entrepreneurs, companies, business owners, thought-leaders, and celebrities who have used their initiative and creative vision to become true game-changers. We are also honoring inspirational individuals who used their resourcefulness to adapt and succeed despite challenges, and those who have paved the way when it comes to environmental sustainability and mental health projects. 

Presenting the Prestigious Brainz CREA Global Awards 2021






Abby Mason

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Abigail Tiefenthaler

Leverage and Launch Strategist

Aden Eyob

Founder & CEO

Adriana Monique Alvarez

Founder of AMA Publishing

Agnes Gomori

Intuitive Life Coach and Healer

Aida Dryjanski

Business and Mindset Coach

Aimee Browne

Time & Business Strategist

Aimmee Odom


Aisling Robinson

Consciousness Alchemist

Alaina Schwartz

Business & Mindset Mentor

Alan Houghtaling

College & Young Adult Life Coach

Alejandra Beatriz Marqués Méndez

Time Management & Goal Achievement Mentor

Alejandra Rojas

Money Coach

Alena Norman

Energy Leadership Coach

Alex McCarthy

Business and Mindset Coach

Alex Verdiaz

Career Change Coach

Alexandra Holovitz

Go-To-Sex Coach & Hypnotherapist for High Achieving Men

Alexandra Zuber

Certified Coach, NLP Practitioner and Online Business Mentor

Alexia Usgaard

Leadership Coach & Business Strategist

Alicia Kangas

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Alix Rufas

Entrepreneur, Speaker & Coach

Amanda Read

Founder Read Mobile Marketing

Amanda Rose

CEO of The Infinite Power of you Inc.

Amanda Rose Ferraro

Entrepreneur, Patient Advocate, Life Coach, Blogger

Amardeep Gill


Amber Ingraham

The Biz Launch Engineer

Amber Mirza

Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Dreamer, ChangeMaker Business Strategist & Mentor, Marketer, Speaker, Author, Advisor & Coach

Amber Taylor

The Black Experience Coach

Ami Park

Awakened Joy

Amie Verhagen

Transformation Mentor

Amparo I. Vazquez

Conscious Business Coach

Amy Babiuch, MD

Parent Coach

Amy Goober

Drive Your Life TM

Amy Morgan

Transformational Empowerment Coach

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Ana in Style

Virtual Personal Stylist & Brand Consultant

Andrea Arroyo

Certified Life Coach

Andrea D. Lewis

C.E.O. & Wellness Coach

Andrea Raggambi

Executive and Leadership Coach

Angel L.Riley

Mindset and Success Coach

Angela Moonan

Executive Coach & Corporate Storyteller

Angelie Kapoor

Leadership Empowerment Strategist

Angelika M Christie

Owner, CEO and Managing Director

Angie Gira

Life & Mindset Coach

Anna Filatova

Business and Success Coach

Annette Densham

Chief Storyteller

Annette Maria

Founder of Sanctuary Publishing

Anthony Iannarino

Writer, Author, Speaker, and Sales & Leadership Trainer

Antoinette Njombua-Fombad

Connection and Awareness Coach

Antonio Dixon

Holistic Health, PhD, Spiritual Coach, Energy Healing Teacher

Armida Martinez

Life & Mindset Coach

Arti Pancholi

Akashic Wealth Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor/Teacher, Numerologist.

Aryana K. Rollins

Intuitive Life Strategist

Ashley J. Walker

Relationship & Date Coach

Ashley Van Brabant

Belief Re-patterning Practitioner

Asif Rehman

Asian business mindset coach

Atul Mehra


Austin Renee

High Performance Business Coach

Awande Mabaso

Intuitive Mindset Coach

Barbora Jedlovská

Mindset & Manifestation Coach

Barbro Teir

Existential coach, leadership trainer

Barry Borgerson

President and Chief Transformation Coach

Beckie Kullberg

Life Coach & Body Confidence Coach

Belynder Walia

Psychotherapist and Anxiety Relief Expert

Benita L Stanford

Professional Landlord

Beth Inglis

Certified Health Coach - Health Journey Mastery

Beth Magin

Entrepreneur / Speaker

Blair Kaplan Venables

Social Media Marketing Expert

Bob Choat

"Transformational Grandmaster"

Bori Bojthe

Award-winning Brand and Portrait Photographer, Visual Storyteller, Mentor

Bradley Tyack (Brad)

Protagonist/Change Agent @xyc-life.com

Brandy Mabra

Business & Leadership Coach

Brenda Gagne

Personal Transformation Strategist

Brenda Johnston

High-Performance Mindset Coach

Bri Neely

Holistic Health & Life Coach

Brian Smith

UGG Founder, Author & Speaker

Bridget Hom

Mindset & Strategy Coach

Bridget Richard

Bridget Richard Coaching

Bridget Sarikas & Kathy A. Scott

Partner and Co-Founder

Brigid Holder

CEO of Publishing House

Britta Lübbing

Founder and Self Development Coach

Brittany Baldwin

Sales Trainer & Presenter

Brittany Gregory

Conversion Copywriter and Consultant

Bronwyn Smith

Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Brooks Jones

Marketing Consultant & Business Coach

Bruno Vanherberghen

Addiction Coach

Bry Lindly

Functional Health Practitioner

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Byron Athene

Counselling Psychotherapist / Certified Mindset Coach



Cait Townsley

Transformational Life Coach & Hypnotist, M.S.Ed

Camilla Fellas Arnold

Hybrid Publisher, Writing Coach, Writer

Candace C. Joseph

Chief Executive Officer

Candace Dixon

Food Freedom Coach

Cari Heibel-Briner

President of Coaching

Carin Kilby Clark

Executive Business Coach

Carla Hudson

Founder & CEO

Carla Keibler

Speaker, Coach, Teacher, and Trainer

Carmel Murphy

The Communication Queen