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Sian Gunney

Sian Gunney Consulting



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Sian Gunney is a Success Strategist listed on Yahoo Finance in the Top 10 Social Media experts to watch in 2021. Also listed as 48 in the top 100 influencers worldwide on digital marketing by Onalytica. Sian has won social media marketing awards for innovation and results for brand campaigns such as Chrysler and Dominos Pizza.

As a dedicated, versatile creator Sian designs and executes meaningful strategies bridging content and commerce across platforms and people. Sian specialises in strategy that focuses on Brand, Digital Marketing and PR.

Sian is a disruptor she works with clients to lead change, not be led; supporting them to self-disrupt refocus and reposition to stay ahead.

Over a decade of working with some of the biggest brands from Britvic, Virgin Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to building brands such as Skinade, Biocol Labs and working with celebrities from celebrity gifting, to high tier personal brand management to business development with their commercial entities from Karren Brady CBE to Joe Calzaghe MBE, CBE

Everyone that comes to Sian is looking for some kind of transformation and she excels with this as you can see from her case studies from over the last 15 years in business.

Sian is highly selective and only works with those she truly believes in and who reciprocate that belief. As the high quality results in business come from high quality relationships.

None of us are here by accident, we all have a unique purpose and value. Sian's path is to help others to level up and realise their untapped potential. Sian is innately in tune both spiritually and professionally and she operates between the worlds of art with creativity and science with strategy. With increased visibility and support comes sovereign opportunities for Sian's clients and the people she holds close.

Sian's adventurous soul is willing to suspend fear and move intentionally towards her goals by helping others build their dreams. Sian loves opening doors for others.



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