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Highlights from the 2021 list


Presented to

Sarika Kishore

Life Coach

This award is proudly presented to the honoree by the Brainz Magazine Selection Committee, in recognition for their creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, or for their contributions to sustainability and mental health projects.

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Selection Committee


Sarika Kishore

Sarika Kishore, is a Life Coach who is passionate about helping women rediscover the magic of life. She had battled with depression and anxiety for several years, and learned that HAPPINESS is an attitude not an event. A shift in attitude allowed her to reinvent and adjust to any challenge that life threw at her and empowered her to live life on her terms. Now, she shares her strategies and techniques in her signature program "Be The Magician" and helps other women identify, modify and defy their barriers to life and take control of it. Her goal is to help women become more impactful and joyful and create a ripple effect in our society, spreading happiness and hope to others

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