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Sam Evans

Intuitive Business Coach & Mentor

This award is proudly presented to the honoree by the Brainz Magazine Selection Committee, in recognition for their creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, or for their contributions to sustainability and mental health projects.

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Selection Committee


Sam Evans

Sam Evans, CEO of Sam Evans Global, is the UK's leading expert in mind body connection. She is known as an Intuitive business coach and mentor who has helped transform hundreds of female entrepreneurs in the online realm.

Using her trademark system, The Cognitive Switch® & Unlock Your Money Block®, she has enabled women in business to confidently increase revenues up to £150k, attract followers, and defeat self-sabotage, by teaching them how to be decisive in action, clear in message, and overcome their worst enemy: themselves.

As an accredited Master Coach in NLP, Timeline Therapy™, and Hypnotherapy, a UK approved TTi® Emotional Quotient Practitioner specialising in Emotional Intelligence, Human Design and Silent Counselling, Sam has enabled her clients to be decisive, clear on their purpose, and profitable. She is also a number 1 best-selling Amazon author of Monetise Your Message and currently writing her own book soon to be published in 2021.

Sam has been featured on Fox, NBC, Coach Magazine, Mental Magazine and Mum Boss UK, as well on podcasts such as Andrew Kaplan’s Shatter the Mold, Hannah Marie Olivia’s Adulting Advice, and guest expert at the MIBA International Event, guest trainer at the women helping women grow summit, hosted by Sabine Kvenberg and a profound speaker at the HerStory Global Summit in 2020.

Sam’s purpose and mission is to transform the lives of one million women, by diminishing the inner critic to access their infinite intelligence and potentiality by 2030. She is based in the UK with her husband and 2 children.