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Janifer Wheeler

JoyFull Badass Whisperer™



Selection Committee

Janifer Wheeler is a former teacher turned entrepreneur. She’s spent over 25 years helping schools & small businesses get their shift together through process design, internal structure, education, and workplace culture.

She started The JOYFull BadAss Business Academy™, to help other BadAss female biz owners win the burnout battle using JOY as a business strategy. Her work-at-your own pace courses are delivered via MicroText making it easier to integrate into your daily routine.

Her clients have gotten trapped by their own brilliance and believe the hype that you must hustle & grind or you will never be successful. No one at the JFBBA believes that BS. If it’s not JOYFull, they aren’t doing it.

As an advocate for JOYFull alignment, she facilitates a process that ensures you are working in your JoyFull Zone of Genius more than you aren’t. And for the rest of the shift that needs to be done, hand it over to staff or an assistant.

It sounds scary - giving other people control, but the JOYFull BadAss has your back. She will help you create the process, structure, and workplace culture you need to effectively and efficiently build a team that will help you avoid business owner burnout and realize the goals & dreams you set for yourself.

Janifer is an award winning, international speaker and facilitator who can infuse your organization, conference, workshop or event with joy and BadAssery.

She enjoys connecting people through her global networks that include, Mums at Work, Amazing Women Alliance, The JOYFull Badass Network, Polka Dot Powerhouse, Brainz Magazine, FEM, and Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel. There’s no limit to what can be done when we lift each other up.

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