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Dusya Lyubovskaya

Dusya’s Miracle Reiki



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Dusya Lyubovskaya is a leader ancient holistic modalities. After growing up with an abusive father , her trauma caused her to develop health issues that doctors could clear diagnose. Although Dusya has has been passionate about science since her youth , she went into the medical field because she had to be the bread winner at an early age but never gave up her dream of going into science. During her work taking care of patients she realized there was more than western medicine could offer , however she felt she was running into walls . Dusya took care of both of her parents who died from terminal cancer and knew that she could at least ease their suffering with holistic modalities she learned about growing up . After her mother’s passing in 2014 she discovered meditation and Reiki and a brand new world opened to her full of opportunities ! She got trained in reiki and after a year she was encouraged by many clients to get paid because she appeared to be very talented. She would perform energy healing on and off on the side and in 2018 with additional trainings became a holistic life as her clients around the world greatly appreciated her positive energy and experience. Dusya has also evolved in her medical career and started speaking for health care agencies as well as government agencies seeking her advice and expertise . Dusya discovered that many chronic health issues in her clients was caused by trauma so she used her western medicine knowing combined with ancient healing modalities and has been very successful. Meanwhile Dusya has expanded to helping entrepreneurs who struggling making more than 5k by helping them increase their money mindset and helping them get unstuck by helping them with inner child soul retrieval and helping them reconnect with their inner child as every issue we face as adults is affected by what we learned as children .



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