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Tafiq Akhir

Tafiq Akhir is a licensed menopause specialist, speaker, and healthy aging advocate with over 20 years of experience in health and fitness. Growing up, he witnessed the adverse effects of poor nutrition, a lack of adequate exercise, and unhealthy lifestyle choices on his mother, who passed away at 52. During his studies of hormone health, food, and fitness, Tafiq found that every health and weight issue she battled might have been minimized, reversed, or even avoided had she learned how to eat, exercise, and live for her body's unique needs. Tafiq's mission is to provide comprehensive hormone, health, and weight management resources and education for midlife women struggling with many of the overlooked and underserved health issues that women continue to suffer from unnecessarily with very little if any, support.

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Tafiq Akhir

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