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Nadija Bajrami

French by birth, Nadija has lived in Scotland for 7 years and has travelled the world. After recovering from some serious health issues, Nadija had a wake up call and came to Ireland to find her path. She has been living in Dublin since 2017.
Nadija is an empowerment specialist and holds a double diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and online therapy.
She is dedicated to help her clients get empowered, supercharge their confidence and self-esteem, overcome their limiting beliefs as well as manage anxiety, symptoms of traumatic experiences and helps people on their grief and healing journey through her therapy, coaching and spiritual work.

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This award is proudly presented to the honoree by the Brainz Magazine Selection Committee, in recognition for their creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, or for their contributions to sustainability and mental health projects.

Crea Global Awards presented to

Nadija Bajrami

Strategic Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach & Medium

Caroline Winkvist


Daniel Ålund

Selection Committee

Research Professor

Relationship Coach

Leadership Strategist

Founder and CEO


Worldwide AI Consultant

Chief Executive Coach


Sex therapist

Imago Couples Therapist

Author And Coach


Author, Poet and Performer

Conflict Resolution Coach

Leadership Coach

CEO, Founder, Coach

CEO - World Record Author

Meditater and Author

Executive Coach

Joy & Fulfillment Coach


Health Coach

Thought Leader

Business Developer

Transformational Coach

Motivational Humorist

ICF Certified Life Coach

VP, Women in Engineering



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