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Bernd Bissinger

Bernd Bissinger is a Health Coach, certified by The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN, NY, USA), and an NLP Master (DVNLP), from Germany, working with Medical Medium® information. His coaching programs aim to support clients with challenged nervous systems to assure a comfortable, time saving application of the Medical Medium® protocols, tailored to their needs. As he is battling MS himself, he knows the struggles and psychological, mental and physical challenges his clients have to go through every day, and can perfectly put himself into their shoes. Since 2020, Bernd Bissinger has been part of Muneeza´s Admin Team (Medical Intuitive and Healing Ambassador, endorsed by Anthony William). In her Online Coaching Program “Intuitive Healing Community” (IHC) as well as in the practitioner programs “Rise up” and “Soar Higher”, he supports clients, aspiring health coaches and practitioners with his seasoned skills as a health and business coach. Practitioners to be also benefit from Bernd Bissinger´s diploma in BA, his 6 years of work experience with two of the Big Five Audit companies in Germany and Spain as well as numerous online and offline seminars. Bernd Bissinger regularly shares his knowledge with his community in the form of live interviews on Instagram, but has also been featured on many podcasts, YouTube videos and invited to many congresses as a speaker on different Medical Medium® related topics. His coaching business really took off after incorporating Medical Medium® principles when he was already wheelchair-bound. Bernd Bissinger offers his coaching services in English, German and Spanish, and has supported hundreds of clients from over 14 countries over the years. As a side note: Bernd Bissinger helped make Vimergy, Anthony William’s preferred supplement brand, available in Germany by connecting Vimergy with the German reseller Supplementa. With his efforts, he paved the way for many others, since as of today, there is a Vimergy reseller in nearly every small European country.

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This award is proudly presented to the honoree by the Brainz Magazine Selection Committee, in recognition for their creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, or for their contributions to sustainability and mental health projects.

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Bernd Bissinger

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