500 Companies, Entrepreneurs, Influential Leaders and Business Owners recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements or dedication to help others. 


Highlight's from the 2020 list:

Brainz 500 Global Honorees 2020

AJ Merlin

Creative Mindset Coach

Abigail Tiefenthaler


Adam Zargar

Founder of UAE Coaching

Adelina Stefan

Professional Certified Coach

Agata Connor

Sober Coach for Women

Agnese Rudzate

Business Productivity Coach

Aida Cirino Lee

Business Owner

Aimee Teesdale

Success Coach

Alian Ollivierre

Business and Non-profit Consultant

Alina Machita


Alise Axelsson

Business Coach

Allie Stark

CEO Moxie.Inspire.Empower.Grow.

Allison Plattsmier


Aly Sanger

Relationship Marketing Coach

Alysha Smith

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist

Alyson Williams

Life and Mindset Coach

Amanda Coates

Blogger & Influencer

Amanda Cottrell


Amanda Read

Founder Read Mobile Marketing

Amanda Rose

CEO of The Infinite Power of you Inc.

Amardeep Gill


Amber Barry

Business Strategist

Amber Dietz

Business & Marketing Strategist

Amber Stephenson

Confidence and Intimacy Coach

Amber Trail

HR Consultant

Amy Lewis

Transformational Coach

Amy Rowlinson

Business Coach and Podcaster

AnYes van Rhijn

Life and Business Strategist

Andrea Cristancho

Holistic Business Coach

Andrea Ryan

Life & Business Coach

Andrée Funnell


Angelie Kapoor

Leadership Empowerment Strategist

Angelina Threadgill

Parenting Consultant

Anna Scott

Positive Relationship and Family Coach

Anna-Karin Lingham

Branding Expert, Speaker, Mentor, Artist

Anthony J James

Innovative Growth Expert

Antonietta Alfano

Deaf Inclusion & Accessibility Guru

Aoife Ryan

Relationship and Parent Mentor

April Ritz

Web Designer & E-Commerce Business Coach

Arna Van Goch

Business Coach

Ashha Agarwaal

Mind-Shift Coach

Asmaa I. Methqal

Feminine Leadership Coach

Asya Grigoryan

Leadership and Career Coach

Aubry Alvarez & Dirk Bakker

Founders of MOVMNT

Audrey Bartolomei

Career transition & Leadership coach

Awaz Ahmed

Business Psychologist, Business and Emotional Intelligence Coach

Bandana Jain

Editor, Journalist, Blogger and Public Speaker

Bar Schwartz

Organizational & Leadership Effectiveness Coach

Barrie Pressly

Entrepreneur & Coach

Belén Navarro Arenas

Designer & Coach

Ben Eden

Speaker and Life Coach

Bernadette Bruckner

Inside|out Communication Expert

Betsy Kauffman

Leadership & Organizational Agility Coach

Bian Li

Futurist and Entrepreneur in

Bianca Ingrosso

Entrepreneur & TV Personality

Biljana Hutchinson

Nutrition Coach

Bre Donofrio

Virtual Events Creator

Brenda Johnston

High-Performance Mindset Coach

Brenda Jones

Master Trainer of Neuro-Energetics / NLP

Britney Thornton Homco

Business Coach and Launch Strategist

Brittany Parsons-Young

The Breakthrough Bullshit Coach

Brittney Oliver (Prendergast)


Brooke Hamilton

Sports Scholarship Strategist

Brooklynn Bradley-LaFleur

CEO & Founder of Brooklynn Three

Bénédicte Hersen

Founder International Blueprint

Bénédicte Sivarajasingham

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Caleb Maddix

Entrepreneur, Author, International Keynote Speaker, and Social Media Influencer.

Carole Sanek

Certified Life Coach

Caroline van der Weerd

Health & Wellness Coach

Carolyn Thomson Twaddle


Carrie Cardozo

The Business Psychic

Caryn Mefford

Business Coach & Consultant

Cassandra Wiley


Ceinwyn Rudnick

Enrolled Agent and Certified Tax Coach

Charlie A. Hicks Jr.


Charlotte Ratcliffe


Charmie Torres

Founder of Löngun

Chef LaToya Larkin

Entrepreneur/Author/Culinary Educator

Cheryl Kasper

Mindset & Empowerment Coach

Cheryl Meyer

Owner Cheryl M Health Muse, Inc.

Chira Martin

Life Coach/Therapist/Writer/Iventor

Chitra Balasubramaniam

Business Coach

Christie Lawler

Founder & Owner

Christina Renzelli

Professional Coach

Christine Nord

Nord Consulting

Clara Rose

Literary Consultant & Editor

Clare Tries

CEO & Head Storyteller

Clarissa Kristjansson

Coach & Mentor

Colleen Urquhart

Attunement Master

Collette Smith

Business Owner

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Corey Butler and Gabriella Gozon

High Performance Mentor

Corinna Muller


Cydney McMillon

Life Coach & Author

Cynthia Omekam

Certified Holistic Life Coach & Spiritual Healer

Dale Darley


Dana Neacsu

Medical Creations Integrative Medicine

Danielle Christy

Health Coach and Personal Chef

Danielle Perlin-Good

The Written Legacy Coach

Danielle Ralston

Business Coach

Dawn Apuan

Expert Copywriter

Debbie Debonaire

Transformational Coach

Deborah Taylor

Subconscious Energy Coach

Deborah Taylor

Business Owner

Debra Georgina Abraham


Dee Burrowes

Transformational Life Coaching

Delia Rusu

Life Coach for Kids and Teens

Deni Van

Hypnotist and Trance-formational Mentor

Denise R Bernardini

Dr. Denise Ritter Bernardini

Desiree Bolin

EVA & OBM Strategist

Dez Stephens

Founder + CEO

Diana Noble

Business Coach & Consultant

Dianne Hatke

Self Mastery Coach

Dionne Greaves

Business Coach & Mentor

Domenica Escatel


Dorothy Villeneuve

Business Transformation Coach

Dr. Adam Arnold

Digital Marketing Strategist

Dr. Aparajita Jeedigunta

Equity, Inclusion and Leadership Coach

Dr. April J. Lisbon

Workplace Autism Advocate

Dr. Arleen A. Fuller


Dr. Christine Manukyan

Functional Medicine Practitioner and Business Coach

Dr. Fayola Delica

Passion and Purpose Activator/Coach/Consultant

Dr. Florence Ene

Facilitator: Productivity & Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Grace Lee

Speaker & Trainer

Dr. Isabel Bogdan

Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Joylyn Maniaci

Relationship Coach

Dr. Julienne Shin

Mindset and Emotional Agility Coach

Dr. Kimberly Schehrer

Teen Breakthrough Expert

Dr. Laura Ellick

Psychologist & Coach

Dr. Mouna Esmaeilzadeh

Medical Doctor, Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur & TV Personality

Ebony Langston

Executive Health Coach

Edna Keep

Real Estate and Mindset Coach

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Elena Herrera

Intuitive Transformation Coach

Elena Seranova

Business Strategy Coach

Eleonor Amora Marklund


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Elisa Palma Hancock


Elizabeth Prather

Mindfulness Consultant and Mentor

Elle Ballard


Ellie Shefi

Attorney, Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Strategist, and Coach

Ellva Chanchal

Divorce Coach

Elon Musk

Founder of Tesla

Emi Olausson Fourounjieva

Transformational Coach & Digital Transformation Leader

Emilly Marie Grueso

Digital Strategist & Agency Owner

Emily Letran

International Speaker & High Performance Coach

Emily Rene

Business Strategy Coach

Emily Rentas

Life and Business Coach

Emma-Louise Parkes

Business & Mindset Coach

Erik Bergman


Eugenia Oganova

Business & Marketing Coach

Eunicia Peret

Owner at Empowered Financial Planner

Eva Ekedahl and Jeanna Rutherhill

Co-founding Partners / Entrepreneurs

Eva Medilek

Certified High Performance Coach

Felicia Shanken


Felix Tih

Journalist & Optimal Mindset Coach

Fiona Nicholson

Transformational Specialist

Florence His

Entrepreneurial Coaching & Marketing for Impact

Frances Ann Bailey

Certified Life, Empowerment and Life Recovery Coach and Christian Counselor

Francesca Atendido

Life Strategy Coach

Gabriella DeLorenze

Trainer & Coach

Gabrielle Cole


Gary Vaynerchuk

Serial Entrepreneur & Internet Personality

Georgie Maroudas


Ghesi Stojanov

Transformational Coach

Gina Marie Cassano

Transformation Coach & Relationship Strategist

Gladys Mae Pamintuan

Executive Virtual Assistant

Greta Konstantine

Success Mindset Coach

Greta Thunberg

Climate Activist

Heather Craik

Entrepreneur & Coach

Heather Guernsey

Energy Healer/Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Heather Holland

Owner and Insurance Agent

Henrik Pettersson

High Performance Coach

Hilary Russo

Holistic Health Coach

Hoda Elsobky

Happiness Mentor

Holly Mosack

Founder & CEO, Moxie Fitness Apparel

Ibbie Aromolaran

Self-Love & Dating Coach

Ikedah Alston

Kids Mindset Coach

Iliana Rocha

Business Coach & Consultant

Imogen Joyce

Mindset Coach

Isabelle Aube

High Performance Coach (Futsal & Life Coach)

J. Francàis Foster

Fashion Designer

Jack Wang

Financial Expert

Jackie Potter

Financial Services and Coaching

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Jackie Walters

Health & Weight Loss Coach

Jacqlin Richards

Parent Empowerment Mentor

Jacque Elias

Digital Marketing Coach

Jacqui Grant

Weight Management Practitioner and Coach

Jacqui Senn


Jade Geary

Course Creation Expert

Jamie Dooley

Life & Business Coach

Jamie Drake

Branding & Web Designer For Small Businesses

Jamie Kullman

Coach / Podcast Host

Jane Christine

Certified Life Coach

Jane Gammage

Lifestyle and Wellness Coach

Jane Parmel

Business Coaching

Jane Rimer

Alliance for Breast Implant Education, Nonprofit for Education About the Risks of Breast Implants

Janet Brent


Janet Henson

Divorce Coach and Narcissist Recovery Coach

Janet Pagan

Residential Mortgages Entrepreneur

Jay Shetty

Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, Former Monk & Purpose Coach

Jazsper Womack

Owner and CEO

Jean Barr

Coach & Trainer

Jean Fleming

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Jen Johnson

Executive Coach

Jenn Taylor

Mom Of 18

Jennie Stowe

Certified Professional Bookkeeper

Jennifer "JJ" Jank


Jennifer Bilger

Speaker, Certified Behavioral Consultant, Business and Sales Coach