Jane Christine

Certified Life Coach

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Jane Christine is a certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and author. Originally from Australia working in the corporate world, until she questioned her life's purpose. Jane believed there had to be more to life, so she sold everything she owned and set off for a nomadic lifestyle travelling around the world searching for answers and a place to call home, which she finally found in Spain. Her search and transformation took her to over 37 countries. Life experiences and her own personal growth guided her to become a certified Life Coach, her travels inspired her quest to learn about the world around us and why we do what we do. Since 2012, Jane Christine has been studying how our pasts shape us, the effects of societal standards, and the impact of values. With the techniques of Neuro Linguistics Programming and through the power of transformation learn how to; bridge the gap, define self-worth, set tangible goals, find comfort through change, and how 1% micro changes can alter lives. Jane Christine is the author of "How You Know Already: Questions to ask yourself to find the answers within" as she believes we are all unique and so are each of our paths to follow. She is dedicated to her clients and supporting their growth and journey. Her motto: Design your life, don't just live it!

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