Dionne Greaves

Business Coach & Mentor

Who has been selected by Brainz Magazine as one of a total of 500 Companies, Entrepreneurs, Influential Leaders and Business Owners recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements or dedication to help others.




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Dionne Greaves is a wife, mom, and corporate administrative professional with more than ten years of experience and is a business coach and mentor to aspiring mompreneurs. She helps moms start businesses using a unique road map specifically geared towards helping them create an ideal balance, thus giving them the best of both worlds without burnout or sacrificing their family life or career. Two years ago, Dionne became a mom and was faced with the tough decision of going back to work after only six weeks of maternity leave. This was the game-changer for her because she believes that moms should not have to choose career over family or vice versa but they should be able to live life doing the things they love, on their own terms. Her personal mantra, “You have a pulse, you have a purpose” is one of the driving forces behind her business and keeps her motivated to help other moms discover their God-ordained purpose through entrepreneurship.

Dionne is also the host of her own talk show, Shauntay’s Purse which features mompreneurs and is aimed at empowering women through the sharing of personal journeys about motherhood, entrepreneurship, career, academic, and other exploits. Her mission is to help every mom - become whatever she wants to be, achieve whatever she wants to achieve - and still have the mom-life she so much loves and deserves.

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