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Highlights from the 2021 list:

Tiffany Jean Draper

To some, there is something to say about the girl who no-one really knows. The quiet, observant girl, the one who didn’t talk much because a part of her really wasn’t interested in what most found conversation in.
The lost girl, they might have observed.
Reality is, she was just that. Lost.
And had to find everything and fight everything within her not to be. Because she knew, there was something bigger, she knew this life was more.
One day, through a journey of her own, she found that “more”.
The path of less resistance illuminated.
One day, with some guidance,
she figured it out.
She fully woke up,
and evolved and became.
Stress, anxiety, hustle and exertion had all completely dissipated.
She realized her full purpose this time
and began her journey of experiencing existence and enjoying everything she could.
Her creativity expanded to great lengths as her consciousness grew.
She had officially evolved.
Tiffany is now mentoring and guiding others through a similar journey.
As she has found, it is a great tragedy to not know ones self.
Her clients are entrepreneurs and each one has their own unique process. Her methods are undefined, undiluted and completely unfiltered.
It is her purpose to teach others that life outside the typical, the conditioned, the what you think you “should do”.
Life outside of the stress, anxiety, and urge to hustle, is so much more alluring than where they are now.
She simple guides them through this extraordinary journey.
So they too, can be completely unrestricted, unscripted and simply live in who they truly are.

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Tiffany Jean Draper

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