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Highlights from the 2021 list:

Sandra Corzilius

Truth! Perfection! Quiet! Bliss! Universal love! These are not empty phrases, Sandra Corzilius embodies that. As a Hairstylist, Makeup Artist (8 year since when she was 21), an Actress (7 Years in a Daily Show), a Naturopath since 2017 and now as a Holistic Digital CEO and Specialist in the Power Mercury she knows about all odds. Helping her Clients to Re-Empower themselves with Mercury Retrograde and give them their Energie and Rhythm back, with so much empathy and knowledge in so many things, as also in Gene Keys and Human Design. Sandra is using these, for example, as tools in her Work. She is helping people to create their strength, the knowledge of how their best Energy feels like in their body and creating with them their unimaginable life. The greatest happiness for her is to see the people of her heart showing their potential and letting it blossom . Sandra is a great animal lover, who has recently saved 4 animals, here in the Dominican Republic. Two are now Sandras Pet's, Grew and Canela, a Cat and a Dog who are, by the way, the greatest of Friends. And the other two Sandra found beautiful homes for. And one of them in fact just had 8 Puppies, 4 Girls and 4 Boys, ready to start their unimaginable life's. Love needs you.

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Presented to

Sandra Corzilius

Holistic Digital CEO, Naturopath, Actress, Kickstarter for Transformation and Specialist in MercuryEnergy

Who has been selected by Brainz Magazine as one of 500 Companies and Influential Leaders who are recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements, and dedication to helping others.