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Highlights from the 2021 list:

Samaria Torres

Samaria Torres, is a life expert in Self-Love, Inner Peace, Empowerment and Communication. One morning she woke up and could not move her arms; they were ‘paralyzed’. For nearly 10 years she lived with this ‘paralysis’ and chronic pain; it was a burn-out that manifested in her arms. Today she is pain-free and a Certified Coach, Trainer & Public Speaker, as well as, the CEO & Founder of the International Breakthrough Academy. Samaria has a broad academic background, is fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish & French and as a result of her burn-out she created her own methodology to have more work-life balance in all aspects of life and less stress. Some of her clients are The European Commission, and has spoken various times at the Women Economic Forum. Samaria’s life mission is to teach as many people in the world about The Mind-Body Connection, Emotional Independence, Inner-Peace, Empowerment & Self-Love.

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Presented to

Samaria Torres

Coach, Trainer, Public Speaker and CEO & Founder of The International Breakthrough Academy

Who has been selected by Brainz Magazine as one of 500 Companies and Influential Leaders who are recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements, and dedication to helping others.