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Highlights from the 2021 list:

Nicole Girard

Nicole Girard is an Entrepreneur - Founder & CEO of ;
Heart Energy X Me, She’s a Well Respected Thought Leader & Authority in Her Field, Intuitive Quantum Empowerment Structuring Resiliency Coach & Strategic Business Consult, Global Speaker, Author, Co-Author, Writer,
& fondly known by Clients as Nikki, Who Say “The things Nikki Knows Blows my mind!” Dubbing her
“The Quantum Goddess”,
”Nikki Angel”, & “Dr Nikki”

After Experiencing Her Own Traumas & Adversities in Her Life, She set out to Learn the Solution to Relieve Suffering, Depression & Anxiety..and for 35 plus yrs Her Passion & Life’s Work has been on Human Behaviour & Design, Consciousness, Subconscious Reprogramming, Energy & Meditation Techniques; with Knowledge & Experience in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Advanced Alternative Healing Modalities, Principles of Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Psychology, CBT, New Neuroscience, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Physics, Cybernetics, Epi-genetics, Biological Sciences & more.

With Her Extensive Expertise,
& 10’s of thousands of hours Studying Training & Researching added to Her Experience has lead Her to Coaching & Guiding People Worldwide, by Equipping Them with Quantum Tools & Techniques with Understanding & Ability to Pivot & Adapt to the Fast Paced, Ever-Changing Environment; they feel Empowered, Living Their Purpose, in Happiness & Balance, Ultimate Success in Every area of Life, Business, Career & Relationships with Emotional & Mental Resiliency, Coherence & Peace of Mind.

Her Goal : Transform 10 Million Lives to go from Potentiality to Actuality.
Her mission : No Heart left behind - Every Heart is Worth it.

Nikki continues to spread Enlightenment & Knowledge; Key Note Speaker at Star Conferences 2021 on ; Positive Psychiatry & Mental Health & returning Live in 2022, She’s Received Global Recognition for Her Innovations & Advancements in Her Field of Studies; as well as Published Works in ; the Journal of Nursing Health & Safety & Pragma Journals in 2021 - Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor & Brainz Global 500 List 2021 - Nikki is currently Working on Her New Podcast Coming out Called :
Quantum X Factor’s & Her Official Program Series: I Am Quantum One - Releasing in January 2022.

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