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Highlights from the 2021 list:

Miriam Petra

Miriam Petra is your facilitator for deep and profound transformation.

She is a trained therapist and serial entrepreneur, mentoring thought leaders to step into their full potential to create their dream lifestyle of vitality, impact, income and freedom they desire.

By aligning the subconscious mind and eliminating root causes for any issue, fast and lasting transformation is achieved for any area of their life; without the hustle, overwhelm and trade-offs between personal and professional life, yet with joy, ease and abundance.

Miriam believes high performing, successful and aligned leaders, entrepreneurs and executives are changing the course of history. Healthy & ethically led businesses are the primary source of innovation, bringing great solutions for a more sustainable living on this planet, for us and all future generations to come.

Going through the highs and lows of being a multiple business owner, having overcome major bankruptcy and severe financial loss, as well as healing from chronic illness, depression and family division, she has become an expert in overcoming failure through her signature Bx3 method and subconscious therapy.

Through powerful subconscious transformation on deep levels she helps high achievers from around the world align to thrive and transform their lives from the inside out. She teaches you the research backed tools to harness the power of your mind, your body, and spirit to live your best life & be the best version of yourself for yourself, your life, your loved ones.

In the past 12 years of building businesses, and spending $600k+ on her education & training, working with the best coaches, international consultants, and hypnotherapists, it wasn’t until she started working with the subconscious mind and spiritual principle that her life & business truly shifted.

"Your wellbeing & subconscious identity are directly connected to your level of performance & lasting success."

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