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Highlights from the 2021 list:

Jean Marie Russo

Jean Marie Russo, is a global influencer, speaker, and soon-to-be published author in 2022. She feels her greatest success was the miracle birth of her son. She acknowledges with gratitude to Abbott Laboratories and Dr. Mario Garretto, Kenosha, WI, her GI Specialist who saved both her and her unborn child’s life 36 years ago with the insertion of a feeding tube for 7 months, utilizing Abbott Laboratories' Feeding Machine and Ensure Product. The Legacy she wishes to leave embraces the priceless rewards received by taking risks, living her motto "ask forgiveness, not permission", and emphasizes, it is not always about the money, it’s about the people whose lives are touched and perhaps changed because of the risks we’ve taken. Jean Marie feels family is everything and embraces her Italian and German heritage, giving gratitude to her loving parents who are with her in spirit. Jean Marie took early retirement after caring for both parents for 20 years while working for three decades in the global corporate world with Fortune 500-billion-dollar corporations. She is a protégé of Christopher Kai, one of the world's famous speakers, and a member of his Gifted Professional Speaker's Program; a member of the Executive Networking Events (ENE) Inner Circle, founded by Shelly Yorgesen; and an Advisory Board Member of Sign World Studios, LLC, Founded by Emmy Award Winning Deaf Actor and Producer, CJ Jones. She became an entrepreneur starting two corporations: Speaking of Success, Inc. and Pearls of Wisdom, Inc. She matches her high-profile Global Influential Speakers, Authors, Consultants, Coaches, Award Winning Producers, Business Strategists and Olympic Real Estate Developers with Angel Investors and Organizations, Corporations, Associations. She focuses on their specific platforms and categories in the corporate sector, Health & Wellness, and Body, Mind and Spirit, changing lives globally. Jean Marie Russo lives by her Mantra: “It’s about people making a difference and being the difference.”

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Jean Marie Russo

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