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Highlights from the 2021 list:

Fijeh Roseline Aadum

Fijeh Roseline Aadum is The CEO of Immigrants Thrive & FRAFoundation
Fijeh is passionate about helping individuals produce their best results.
So whether you are at the idea phase and need guidance through ideation to execution or you are an experienced entrepreneur or career professional that needs help with the challenges that confront your life or business. Fijeh is passionate about helping you gain traction and find your way through the maze of life.

Over the last 5 years, Fijeh has been committed to driving the message of entrepreneurship and innovation in the 21st century.
Fijeh is a highly sort after corporate trainer and business coach.

Her passion to impact knowledge has earned her local and global recognition. She is a recipient of the ‘Golden Quilly’ by the National Academy of Bestselling Authors in Hollywood for her bestselling book Masters of Success.

She is an Alumna of London Metropolitan University.

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Presented to

Fijeh Roseline Aadum

Wealth & Business Coach

Who has been selected by Brainz Magazine as one of 500 Companies and Influential Leaders who are recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements, and dedication to helping others.