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Highlights from the 2021 list:

Dani Bultitude

Dani is the CEO and Founder of The Divergent Edge: an innovative and unique service providing support to adults with ADHD. Through the utilisation of telehealth, access is available to the services of The Divergent Edge across Australia.
With a background in Social Work for over 20 years, Dani thrives on diversity and challenge and has worked in a variety of roles across community services, mental health, disability and education; including counsellor, mentor, trainer, clinical supervisor, and is an experienced manager and leader.
Dani has a vision to facilitate opportunities for positive change; through being prepared to be authentic, honest, and outspoken about both the benefits and challenges of being neurodivergent. The Divergent Edge promotes and embraces their clients to channel their energies into areas of likely success; where they may have an ‘edge’, while providing support and practical assistance to overcome challenges.
Dani was diagnosed with ADHD (Predominantly hyperactive type) as an adult, which she experienced as a life changing opportunity to both understand and finally be herself. She also finally realised that building her own organisation was the thing that she was meant to do.
Dani’s Edge is her capacity to see the big picture and think strategically, through a heightened ability for abstract reasoning: or you could say, making sense of things that at first glance don’t seem connected! She is passionate about the development of psychologically safe workplaces, personal and systemic leadership, and seeking opportunities to push the boundaries of what’s possible to create meaningful change.

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Dani Bultitude

CEO | Founder