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Highlights from the 2021 list:

Becky Anna-Marie

Becky Anna-Marie is a scientist turned spiritual coach, helping women to own the power within themselves to transform their mindset, become self-empowered and confidently live life on their terms. After spending most of her life as a perfectionist and people-pleaser, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic led her to re-evaluate her life and finally face the truth behind her lack of fulfillment. Overcoming the devastating results that years of a lack of confidence, self-love and self-worth had on her own life, she set out to help as many as possible to transform their lives, starting with their inner selves. Her work has enabled women to pursue their passions, show up authentically as themselves in both life and business and to confidently do what feels right for them. Her one and only mission: to empower other women to challenge societal c