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Highlights from the 2021 list:

Assunta Cucca

Assunta Cucca is a transformational coach and founder of Kokoro Consultancy, whose mission is to help people thrive in business and life, by bringing back more humanity into their lives and workplaces.
In the past, she successfully led people and programmes to shape corporate cultures and encourage innovation in organisations such as, Tesco, Photobox and Moonpig, but she knows how challenging it is to navigate the corporate world …
Previously a competitive TaeKwonDo athlete, Assunta brings to companies a holistic approach, keeping ‘mind, heart and body’ connected, believing that we can’t exclude the role that healthy bodies and clear minds play at work. She guides and understands the minds of high achievers and the role that perseverance and resilience have in one’s career and life.
It all starts from our kokoro (heart/mind in Japanese)...