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 Brainz  500 global

We've listed 500 of the best companies and influential leaders in business today, who deserve to be recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements, and dedication to helping others. We dedicate this prestigious award to brands and individuals who have worked extremely hard to establish themselves as an expert within their field and share their innovative ideas with the world.

Brainz  500 global

Highlights from the 2022 list

Martyna Boss

Founder and CEO of House of White Ravens LLC

Linda Allen-Hardisty

President of Allen Hardisty Leadership Group

Patrick Mouratoglou

Founder and Chair of the Mouratoglou Academy

Kasia Dabrow-Kielan

Health Coach

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder & CEO, Mindvalley

Dr. Leslie Davis

Professional Counselor & Relationship Coach

Nir Eyal

Best-selling author, investor, and lecturer

Dipal Shah

 Internationally Self-Care Expert and Medical Intuitive

Marc Randolph 

Co-founder and first CEO of Netflix

Matilda Djerf

Founder, designer and creative director of Djerf Avenue

Ashley Lemieux

Mental Health Expert, Best-Selling Author, and Content Creator

Emma Persson

Director of Education CoachCompanion Of Scandinavia

Daniel Mangena

Entrepreneur, philanthropist & public speaker

Marissa Peer

World-renowned therapist and best-selling author

Niraz Buhari

Founder & Director City & Commercial Insurance Company

Lori McNeil

Multi-Award-Winning Business Strategist & Coach

Stefanos Sifandos

Entrepreneur, life coach and relationship alchemist


Founders, Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center

Victoria Baylor

Mindset & Clarity Coach, TEDx Speaker

Rosalind Panda

CEO and Founder of Rosalind Business Group LLC

Official 2022 list

Aalaa Aljar

Life and Corporate Coach

Abigail Stason

Master Teacher / Skillbuilder

Aden Eyob

Founder & CEO

Adrian Holguin

Business & Life Coach

Agnieszka Witkowska

People & Culture Leader, Coach, Mentor, Psychologist

Aivars Oreniss

Founder and CEO RaodBird

Alastair Duhs

Anger Expert

Aleema Zakers

Lakshmi Health & Wellness LLC

Alice Dartnell

Life and Success Coach

Alpa Pandya

InnHer Wealth and Mindset Mentor

Alyssa Johnson

Wellness & Race Literacy Teacher

AmyK Hutchens

Award Winning Speaker, Coach & Master Communicator

Ana Parra Vivas

Well-balanced Lifestyle Manifestation Expert

Andre Young

You Evolving Now

Andrea Hunt

Transformational Life Coach & EFT Practitioner

Andrea Spyros

Intuitive Business Guides LLC

Andrew David McDowell

Life/Leadership/Business Coach

Andy Longley

Founder & CEO

Angelica Sirotin

Chief Executive Officer

Anka Grzywacz


Anna Filatova

Business and Executive Coach

Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Mind-Body & Life Coach

AnneMie Decatte

MIND-Strategist (M.A. Communication)

Annika Sörensen

MD, Stress Strategist & Calm Creator

Anton Broers

Mindset Coach & Trainer

Anuradha Rathore

Moonshot Collective

Ashlea Taylor-Barber, LMFT

Favor and Grace Under Fire PLLC

Atanas Piskachev

Holistic Health Coach

Aura E. Martinez

Self-Discovery & Empowerment Coach

Ayana Band

Coach Ayana O

Barbara Powell Love


Behnaz Zeraatgar


Ben Warnes

Transformational Coach

Benjamin Gonzalez

Counselor In Self-mastery through metaphysics

Bev Ehrlich

Relationship Coach

Brian John Caddy

IT Consultant

Britta Lorenz

Human Centric Executive Leadership Coach

Brittany Martin

Doula & Lactation Counselor

Brooke Kekos

Life Coaching Goddess

Bruce Woodruff


Bruno Vanherberghen

Addiction Coach and Recovery Counseling

Camilla Calberg

Leadership and Divorce Coach

Candace Fox

Psychosensory/somatic Practitioner

Carey MacCarthy, MA, ATR, LPCC

START UP! Art Therapy To Rewire Your Brain

Carin Kilby Clark

Executive Business Coach

Caroline Lewis

Psychotherapist, Energy Healer, Wilderness Guide.

Cary Prejean

CFO Consulting, LLC

Casimiro da Silva Santos

Career & Executive Coach and Consultant

Catherine Finger

Executive Coaching & Consulting

Chantal van den Broek

Life & (business) transformation coach

Charlotte Elizabeth Scott-Terrell

Transformational Coach, Speaker, & Author

Charlotte Pineda

Leadership & Executive Coach

Chelsea Haines

Gut Health Coach

Chenelle Ellie, LCSW-C


Christelle Soto-Suarez

Personal Leadership & Development Coach

Christian Thomson

Director of Science

Christine Luken

Financial Dignity® Coach

Christine Lutley


Christine Michele Murray

Complementary Therapies With Christine Michele Mur

Christoffel Sneijders

Executive Coach, Leadership Professor. Supervisor

Christopher H. McKinney Sr

Entrepreneur | Author | Leader

Christopher Salem

Business Executive Coach

Chynna Morgan

Tech CEO & Founder

Ciara Jean Roberts

Wholistic Health Educator

Clare England

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Clive Rooney

Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist

Corey Bobak


Corrussal Gee

Seven7th Conquest LLC

Cristiana Blasutta

Master Weaver of Transformation

Dale Halm

Founder Dale Halm Consulting

Dan Davis

Founder of Meta Minds Therapy, DansTube.TV & Fearless Drone Academy

Dan Lawson

Reconnection Coach

Daniel Mangena

Best-selling Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Public Speaker

Danielle Forrester

Gut and Psychology Syndrome Coach

Dave Sewell

Researcher, Facilitator and Executive Coach

David Helfand

Licensed Psychologist

David L. Lantz

Author, Speaker, Teacher

David Lutes

Executive Career Coach ‒ Leadership Consultant

Debra Whitson

Attorney, Mediator, Certified Divorce Specialist™

Denise Ledi

Empowerment/Leadership Coach

Denys Khromov


Dipal Shah

Self Care Expert and Medical Intuitive

Dr Allen Lycka

Author, Speaker & Mentor

Dr Wayne C A Wright

W Square International LLP

Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND

Physician, Naturopath, Brain & Mental Health Coach

Dr. Christine Sopa

Industrial Organizational Psychologist

Dr. Don Wood, PhD

CEO & Founder

Dr. Faye Borja


Dr. Joi Brown

Career Strategist, Life Coach & Empowerment Speaker

Dr. Leslie Davis

Clinical Counselor and Relationship Expert

Dr. Loren Michaels Harris

Keynote Speaking Coach

Dr. Marcella Raimondo

Psychologist, Trainer, Consultant, Activist

Dr. Nikki Cohen

The Organic PT

Dr. Petra Frese

Spiritual Mental Coach

Dr. Phillip Hearn

Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor, Author & Professor

Dr. Robert Ciprian

Holistic Doctor & Executive Coach

Dr. Shahram Maralani

Business Strategies, Digital Transformation Leader, Mentor & Author

Dr. Tiffany M. Smith

Aroma Functional Nutrition Psychiatry

Dávid Jakus

Nutritionist, Fitness Coach

Ebonie Allard

Neurospicy Mystic, Facilitator + Mastercoach

Ebonie-Marché Jones

Psychotherapist and Founder

Edit B Kiss

Success Habit Coach, Holistic Mentor

Elena Antonovska

Ars Lucida Skopje

Elena Manole

Productivity and Time Management Coach

Elizabeth Toumbos


Elizabeth Van Den Bergh

Executive Speaker and Leadership Coach

Ellen Kocher

Workplace Wellness Consultant and Coach

Ellison Clark

PCOS & Hormone Health Registered Dietitian

Emily Bissen

Blue Heron Business Partners llc.

Erica Walter

Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach

Farah Morain


Fiona Smith

The Millennial Money Woman

Fraser Duncumb


Gabriella Szabo-Szucs

Neurolanguage Coach®

Gary B. Doherty


George Thorman

Personal Development Facilitator

Gillian Jones-Williams

Emerge Development Consultancy

Ginger Carlson

Life Alchemist

Ginger Painter

Transition Life Coach

Heather Bryant, Ph.D

Expert Dot Connector and Idea Generator

Helen Kagan

"HealingArts" Artist Designer President

Hilde Goris

Coach, trainer and inspirator

Holly Smith

Accountability Coach

Ian Campbell

Life Coach

Ilie Popa

Founder of LAUNTHER ‒ advanced washable leather

Iria Talladay

CEO and Founder

JL Keez

JL Keez Anorexia Unlocked

James Foo Torres

Imperium Authority

James Phelan

Founder of Phelan Counseling and Consulting

Jane Morales

Empowerment ‒ Assertiveness ‒ Mindset Coach

Janet M. Harvey

CEO and MCC Coach

Janet Macaluso

Regenerative Leadership Coach

Jason Polk

Relationship Therapist & Coach

Javier Peñalba

Life Coach

Jean Gomes


Jeff Altman

The Big Game Hunter

Jeffrey Watts

Business Growth Advisor, Executive Coach

Jemima Blazdell

Therapist & Elite Coach

Jennifer Dougherty

Leadership Coaching and Organizational Consultant

Jennifer French Tomasic

Expert Witness for Coercive Control Cases

Jennifer McClendon


Jennifer Tomlin

Three Paths Wellness Therapy

Jenny McCabe

Jenny McCabe Coaching

Jill Yeiter

Heal With Jill

Joanne Kennedy


Joaquín Pinto


Jodi-Kay Edwards

Brand Manager

Joe Rando

Founder & CEO

John Moussan

Founder & CEO

Jordan Hathaway

Biohacking Facialist + Health & Transformation Coach

Jordan White

(Self) Leadership Coach

Joseph Drolshagen

Master Mindset Coach

Joshua Peters

Hypnotic Coach

Julie Pecarski

Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Weight Loss Coach

Jutta and Ricardo dos Santos Miquelino

Fiercely Human Business Transformation

Kara Francis

Divorce Coach

Karalynne Call

CEO and Founder

Karen Brown

Leadership Development Coach

Karen Cappello

CEO of Karen Cappello, LLC

Karen Jaroudi

Style & Life Coach

Karen Mc Dermott

Publisher, Author and Speaker

Karen Shaw

Transformational Life & Parenting Coach

Kasia Dabrow-Kielan

Health Coach

Kate Greunke

Marketing Consultant & Podcaster

Katja Fritz

Organizational Strategy Expert, Founder, Consultant, MBA

Katrina Starr

The Alchemist For Extraordinary Men

Kenny Bhosale

The Bridge

Keylee Miracle

The Neurointuitive™

Kiara Norwood

Award Winning Alternative Trauma Healer

Kimberley Shamtally

Entrepreneur, Author and Physical Therapist

Kris Keppeler

Narrator, Voice Actor, Actor, and Writer

Lainne Love

Intuitive Business Coach & Leading Edge Healer

Laura Kingston

Magazine Editor, Publisher and Digital Disruptor

Lauren Cartigny

Business and Life Professional Coach

Lidia Kuleshnyk

High Performance Wellness Coach

Linda Allen-Hardisty

Certified Executive Leadership Coach

Lisa Charles

CEO, Health Coach, Author and Professional Speaker

London Forbes

Image Strategist

Lorraine Rise

Career UpRising

Louise Parker

Transformational Mindset Coach

Luca Berni

Executive & Team Coach

Lucie Petrelis

Life Coach for ADHD & MS

Luke Mitchell

Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

Lyn-Genet Recitas

The Plan The Book

Lynda Sunshine West

Book Publisher

Madeleine Homan Blanchard

Chief Coaching Architect

Mahji Quadir

Holistic Empowerment Coach

Manuj Aggarwal

Leading Expert In AI and Startups

Marcos R. Dreher

Expert in corporate strategy, marketing & branding

Mari Vasan

Women's Midlife Transformation Expert

Maria R. Riegger, Esq

Author/Parenting Coach

Mariana Macias

Business Performance Coach

Mariann Sebestyen

Hypnotherapist, Brainspotting Practitioner

Marie Christine

Intuitive Coach

Marion van der Krogt

Luxury Clienteling Strategist

Marisa Thomas

Executive & Professional Coaching

Marja West

Author – Trauma-Based Mind Control DeActivator

Mark Newey

Radical Self-Discovery Coach

Marko Moshtaghi

Corporate Trainer ‒ Leadership Coach & Consultant

Marli Luyt

Intuitive Healer and Enlightologist

Martyna Boss

Business Consultant

Megan Miller

CEO, Spanish Coach, ESL Teacher

Melanie Padron Golding

Performing Arts Coach & Counsellor

Melinda Briton

Art Therapist

Michael Hetherington

Anxiety Release Expert

Michelle M Sherbun

Executive Leadership Coach

Mindy Schrager

Transformational Coach and Systemic Facilitator

Mira Taylor

Integrative Therapist & Wellness Advisor

Morice Mabry

Core Energy Leadership Coach

Murray Ansell

Business Energy Coach

Mutita Panmook

The Time Queen and Founder of Get UNSTUCK Method

Myles Morgan

Mindblown Life Coaching

Nad Philips

Prosocial Relationship Coach

Nadine Wilches, LCSW, CIMHP


Nancy McCormack MSN,RN NC-BC

EverPresent Health and Wellness

Natalie Ford

Online Dating Coach

Natasja Hoex

Team Coach

Nathalie Colin

Business Coach

Neela Pirwitz

Performance and Well-Being Coach

Nicole Bryant


Nikole Haumont

Founder of Shield Bar Marketing

Pamela Wynn

Business & Sales Growth Coach

Patricia Arboleda

CEO ‒ Executive & Leadership Coach

Patrick Brown

Founder and CEO

Patrick Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Slater

CEO and Co-Founder, Billionminds

Phillip Golding

Inner Harmony Counselling and Therapy

Phoenix A. Muhammad, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Poly Panou

HR BP/Manager-HR Lover & Solution Focus Coach

Prof. Dr. Frank Lee Harper, Jr

President and Global Chief Governance Officer


Ronald A. Alexander, PhD

Rachael Davies

Health, Wellbeing & Mindset Expert

Ralph Wilms

Meditation Teacher, Transpersonal Psychologist

Raluca Marcu

Style Coach™

Rebecca Helps


Regina Bauscher


Renèe Hughes

Holistic Coach Mentor

Richard Hilton

Resilient Defence

Rick Lowe

Entrepreneur & Speaker

Rita Briffa

Wellbeing Consultancy Malta

Roberto Patricolo

Business and Performance COACH

Rune Ellingsen


Ruth Hescock

Executive Coach

Saara Iija

Corporate Trainer, Leadership Coach & Consultant

Safrianna Lughna

Therapist & Spiritual Guide

Sandrine Gelin-Lamrani

International Professional Coach

Santarvis Brown

Leadership Engineer

Sara Sheehan

Executive Coach and Change Consultant

Sarah Dyer

Intuitive, Empowerment Coach Spiritual Mentor

Sarah Keena

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Mentor

Sarah Merron

NLP Trainer & Self-Leadership Coach

Sasha and Daniel

Relationship & Human Behaviour Specialists

Scott Robinson


Serena Martino

Executive and Business Coach

Shannon Olsen

Spiritual Empowerment Mentor & Trauma Coach

Sharina Perry

Serial Entrepreneur

Sharon Jane Ripley

Women's Midlife Health Coach

Shawnesse Nicole Herbert

Discover S.E.L.F. PLLC

Shelley Sanders

Psychic Medium Business Intuitive

Shirin Ariff

Life Transformation Coach

Shoma Mittra

Author Coach/ Author Concierge

Sophia Casey, MCC

Executive Coach

Sophie Frabotta

Spiritual Director

Stacey Danhesier

Marketing Executive, Go-to-Market Strategist & B2B Growth Advisor

Stacey Marmolejo

Career Transition Coach

Stephanie J Ford

Business Coach/Investor/Builder/Author

Steven N. Adjei

Author. Consultant. Pharmacist.

Suki Collins

Business Coach/Executive Coach

Susan Litwiller

Executive NeuroCoach

Susanna Holowati

Embodied Change Facilitator

Suzanne Glendenning

Quantum Results Coaching International

Suzanne Lieurance

Writing Coach, Freelance Writer, Author

Tamzin Hall

The Neurodiversity Academy & Tamzin Hall Coaching

Tarah Dove

CMO/Marketing Success Coach

Tracy Sherriff

Curriculum Designer & Course Operations Expert

Tracy Yates

Mental Health and Well-being Coach

Travis Kendrick McCray

Business and Financial Consultant

Valeria Pierdominici

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Victoria Baylor

Mindset & Clarity Coach, TEDx Speaker

Vikas Arora

Business & Mindset Transformation Strategist

Vivien Roggero

Executive & Empowerment Coach

Yiasemina Ioannidou

Personal Performance Life & Executive Coach

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